A7V600 and front panel audio

Discussion in 'Asus' started by tomjas, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. tomjas

    tomjas Guest

    I have Asus A7V600 and I meet a problem with front panel audio. I wanted
    to connect front panel of my casing. I have 5 cables out of my casing
    for it: white - EAR R, black - GND, green - EAR L, black - GND and
    yellow - MIC IN. Along the manual I had to remove jumpers. So
    I connected it like that:


    but in this configuration I have no sound from my speaker connected to
    back panel. What's more: microphone works only when connected to front
    panel but not to back.
    So please help me how to connect it to be able to use
    speakers connected to back panel and headphones with mic connected to
    front panel.
    Best regards.
    tomjas, Jun 28, 2004
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  2. tomjas

    Paul Guest

    Your computer case is missing the BLINE_OUT_R and BLINE_OUT_L. The
    jack on the front of the case is supposed to return those two signals,
    and they are routed to the Lineout jack on the back of the computer.
    If nothing is connected to BLINE_OUT_R and BLINE_OUT_L, then there
    will be no sound on the back jack.

    As for the microphone, some sound control panels will offer options
    for using one of two microphones. In other words, you have to select
    which microphone to use. With the plug sensing built into some
    sound chips, it may have switched over by itself.

    (I don't see an explicit enable for MIC2 in the mic preference panel,
    unless "Standard Microphone" is the one on the back of the computer,
    and "Headset" refers to MIC2 ?)

    (Perhaps the audio wizard can reset the microphone to the back ?)

    General FAQ for Soundmax...

    If you aren't having any luck getting the microphone back, try
    disconnecting MIC2 from the front panel wiring. Maybe the plug
    sensing in the hardware is getting confused by your case wiring.
    For example, if MIC2 was shorted to ground, maybe the software
    continues to select the front microphone.

    The hardware does support two microphones, as shown here on page 1:

    Paul, Jun 28, 2004
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  3. tomjas

    tomjas Guest

    So is there any other solution? I have to add that each cable on the front
    panel is divided into two at the end - so it is ended by two plugs, but
    I suppose I cannot plug it into e.g. Line_out_r and BLINE_OUT_R
    simultanously. So what can I do to make it work with this casing?
    And what about 2 black ground cables - what do I need them for (is one
    not enough)?
    Exactly, I changed the source in control panel and mic works.
    Thanks and regards.
    tomjas, Jun 28, 2004
  4. tomjas

    Paul Guest

    If your headphone jack wires are "Y" shaped, and each connection
    has two ends, then, yes, you can connect them as shown here:

    Front Jack Tip ------+--------< Line_Out_L
    +--------> BLine_Out_L

    Ring ------+--------< Line_Out_R
    +--------> BLine_Out_R

    Sleeve ---------------< Ground

    What you cannot get from your computer case wiring, is a
    mute function, when the headphones are plugged into the
    front of the computer case. With the wiring shown above,
    the headphones and the Lineout speaker connections will
    both be operating at the same time, and there is the
    possibility of some volume changes as you plug and
    unplug loads from the headphone or the rear Lineout jacks.

    This is what the wiring looks like when you use a proper
    interrupting type headphone jack on the computer case.
    Contacts 3 and 4 open, when a headphone is plugged in,
    muting the sound on the Lineout jack. Your jack is
    presumably missing contact 3 and 4.
    | |
    ----------| Sound |
    | | Chip |
    | ------| |
    | | | |
    | | | |
    Case Front Audio | | -------------
    ("Interrupting" Type Jack) | |
    | |
    -------- 1 AGND | | Lime Lineout (Back)
    | ______ 2 Line_out_R <------| |
    - -| / ^ | AGND ------+ (SLEEVE)
    | | |--- 3 BLINE_OUT_R -------- | ----------+ (RING)
    | | |
    | | |--- 4 BLINE_OUT_L -------- | --------+ (TIP)
    | | v |
    - -| \_____ 5 Line_out_L <----------|

    Paul, Jun 28, 2004
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