A7v600-x Cannot Enter Bios Setup

Discussion in 'Asus' started by David North, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. David North

    David North Guest


    I would appreciate some advice.

    I built a new PC a week ago, based around the above mobo, an AMP
    Athlon 2500 (333), 512MB Crucial RAM (3200), and an ATI9200 128MB
    video card - and Win XP Pro SP1 (with all critical updates).

    When I first assembled it all i could not install XP as the keyboard
    (Microsoft Internet Keyboard NOT wireless - PS2) would not work..at
    the crucial point..i played around and decided to try unplugging my
    PS2 MS Wireless mouse (using usb-ps2 adapter), bingo i could use the
    keyboard and intall xp. When xp was installed i plugged the mouse
    back all was fine until i touched the keyboard, it all locked up.

    In the end I checked the asus website and updated the bios from 1002
    to 1003 as this mentioned ps2 point issued, I also plugged the mouse
    into the usb port, bingo all works nicely.

    However today I have been trying to enter the bios setup (about a
    million times, both cold boots and normal reboots) i just can't get
    in. If I re-flash with bios 1003 it puts me there, save and exit and
    I can not get back in again! I have tried pressing DEL at different
    stages, sometimes it just sticks on the POST screen that says Press
    DEL to enter setup etc...until i let go then it just carries on
    booting into windows.

    This is really annoying me as every other aspect of the machine is

    I see bios update 1004 has been out for a couple of weeks but only
    mentions fixing kingston memory probs.

    Can anyone offer a suggestion, at this point I am a bit dissapointed
    with the Asus board!

    many thanks

    David North, Jun 25, 2004
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  2. David North

    Canus_Lupis Guest

    Sounds like you should be pissed off with your keyboard/mouse combination.

    I am running an A7V600 and an A7V600-X and have had no problems with either
    Due to lack of desk space I use Mitsubishi Diamond Touch Keyboards and
    Logitech cordless rodents plugged into their respective PS/2 ports. No

    Try using a diffrent keyboard and mouse and see what happens because your
    problem seems to be a compatability problem.
    Canus_Lupis, Jun 26, 2004
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  3. David North

    Gareth Jones Guest

    There is a problem with this board and some MS keyboards.
    I've had the same.
    I actually wasn't aware that they had cured it in a BIOS fix (and Asus
    didn't respond at all to my email requests!) , but I also got things to
    work by using USB instead.

    There is a BIOS setting that (without turning my machine off and
    checking!!) says something like 'enable USB keyboard support'. Is this
    on with you? If not, I'd guess that windows will work fine (as it has
    drivers) but you won't be able to use DOS or BIOS functions.
    Plug the keyboard back into the normal port and reset this option, then
    it should work with USB.

    Personal email for Gareth Jones can be sent to:
    'usenet4gareth' followed by an at symbol
    followed by 'uk2' followed by a dot
    followed by 'net'
    Gareth Jones, Jun 26, 2004
  4. I've got a A7V600 rev 1 running Award 1006 11/12/2003 with a MS internet
    wired KB and generic PS2 wired mouse and it works fine and has from day 1.
    I know this info doesn't help you but the board does work well at least with
    wired mice.
    notritenoteri, Jun 26, 2004
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