A7V8X unable to get past POST

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Kerry, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Kerry

    Kerry Guest

    Ok here it is.. The machine had been running fine for years. The first
    symptom was no boot at all and the verbal error code said "system failed VGA
    test". Replaced board with a PC Chips M848A and used all of the same
    peripherals and she ran fine. Trash board BTW. Bought 2, one DOA, other
    lasted long enough for replacement to arrive. That one has now failed too.
    They were being used in 2 different machines so power supply etc kind of
    eliminated unless both are bad. And one of those is a brand new Thelmaltake
    430W so really unlikely.

    Because of the second failure I decided to look more into this board. The
    CMOS battery was low. I reset the BIOS and put a new battery in and she
    makes it through BIOS setup fine. However the boot will not go past "System
    now booting from operating system". Right after that message is heard the
    machine reboots over and over after the message each time.

    All of the peripherals have been tried on the working PC Chips board and
    another A7V8X and both run absolutely fine. The only thing I see as odd is
    the Radeon 9800 Pro which I know to be a 1.5 volt AGP 8X card causes the red
    led to come on. Actually the LED is on with no AGP board installed too. The
    manual says that the system will not power up if the LED is lit yet the
    system does come on and go through BIOS fine. The same card works in my
    other A7V8x and my A7N8x without those LEDs coming on.

    Could the motherboard have a bad video section and cause this? I gotta
    think so but where the book says it won't even power up I am not sure. And
    who has a PCI video card still? I tossed all mine 2 years ago. Thanks for
    your insights and if there is a simple fix please let me know. I have 2
    perfectly good AMD XP processors that do all we need so I would rather not
    have to upgrade just yet.
    Kerry, Jan 29, 2007
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