A8N-SLI DELUXE: instant music works but NO SOUNDS!!

Discussion in 'Asus' started by lacenaepronta, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. hi,

    I bought the excellent A8N-SLI deluxe mother board, and now I'd like to
    enable the instant music feature.

    I set up all the configuration, when I press the 'esc' key the system
    wakes up, the cd rom led blink as if the music is playing, but no sound
    comes from the speakers.

    Any ideas?


    lacenaepronta, Feb 26, 2006
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  2. lacenaepronta

    Paul Guest

    It sounds to me, like you have not connected a four wire audio cable,
    from the back of the CD drive, to the 1x4 CD input on the motherboard.
    This feature does not appear to use DAE digital audio extraction, but
    instead expects an analog audio signal from the back of the CD drive.

    This section is copied from the P4P800 user manual and may give you
    some hints as to how it works:

    *********************** P4P800 User Manual E1226 *********************
    5.3.4 ASUS Instant Music

    The ASUS Instant Music is a BIOS-based audio playback feature that
    allows you to play audio CDs without turning on the system power. This
    feature is supported by the onboard audio AC'97 CODEC, and requires an
    optical drive (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or CD-RW).

    1. Instant Music only supports CDs in audio format.
    2. Instant Music would not work if you installed and enabled
    an add-on sound card.
    3. Instant Music only supports PS/2 keyboard.

    To enable ASUS Instant Music:

    1. Connect the analog audio cable from the optical drive (CD-ROM,
    DVDROM, or CD-RW drive) to the 4-pin CD-In connector (labeled CD1)
    on the motherboard. See the connector section of the manual for
    the connector location.

    Make sure to connect the CD-ROM audio cable. Otherwise, you
    cannot control the audio volume using the Instant Music function keys.
    2. Turn on the system and enter BIOS by pressing the Delete key
    during the Power On Self-Tests (POST).
    3. In the Advanced Menu Instant Music Configuration menu, select
    the item Instant Music and set it to Enabled.

    ASUS P4P800 motherboard user guide 5-15

    4. Highlight the Instant Music CDROM item and press Enter to display
    the CD-ROM options. Select the CD-ROM drive that you wish to use
    for this feature.
    5. Save your changes and exit BIOS Setup.

    1. The Scroll Lock LED is fixed to ON after enabling Instant Music.
    2. When set to Instant Music mode, the system wake-up
    features (LAN, keyboard, mouse, USB) are deactivated. In
    this case, power up the system using the power switch.
    3. If the system lost connection or did not detect any optical
    drive, the Instant Music feature turns OFF (disabled)
    automatically. A "beep" indicates this condition.

    To use ASUS Instant Music:
    1. Ensure that the power cord is plugged to a grounded power source,
    so that the system has a standby power.
    2. Place the Instant Music keyboard label over Esc and other function
    keys on your keyboard (top left corner). The keys covered by the
    label identify the Instant Music special function keys.

    Instant Music function keys (Set 1) (** My interpretation of bad diagram)
    Esc = On/Off
    F1 = Play/Pause or use Space Bar
    F2 = Stop/Eject or use Return Key
    F3 = Previous Track or use Left Arrow Key
    F4 = Next Track or use Right Arrow Key
    F5 = Volime Down or use Down Arrow Key
    F6 = Volume Up or use Up Arrow Key
    Caps Lock Keyboard LED = Play/Pause indicator
    Scroll Lock LED = On/Off indicator for Instant Music Feature

    Instant Music function keys (Set 2)

    As an alternative, you may also use another
    set of keys on the motherboard as Instant
    Music function keys. These keys are indicated
    by marked numbers in the keyboard illustration
    below. The functions are defined in the
    illustration on the right.

    5-16 Chapter 5: Software support

    These labels all come with your motherboard package.

    3. Connect speakers or a headphone to the Line Out (lime colored) port
    on the rear panel for audio output.

    You may also connect a headphone to the headphone jack on the CD-
    ROM drive front panel.
    4. Place an audio CD on the drive.
    5. Press Esc to turn ON Instant Music.
    6. Press F1 or the Space Bar to play the first track on the CD.
    If there is no CD on the drive and you press F1 or Space Bar,
    the drive tray ejects.
    7. Refer to the Instant Music function key definitions on the previous page
    to select other tracks or control the volume.
    8. Press F2 or Enter once to stop playing the CD.
    Press F2 or Enter one more time to eject the CD.
    *********************** P4P800 User Manual E1226 *********************

    Paul, Feb 26, 2006
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  3. You were right, it was a stupid error, I was so sure I plugged

    Sorry for my sillyness!!
    lacenaepronta, Feb 26, 2006
  4. lacenaepronta


    Apr 22, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Turn up the volume with up arrow.. That's works for me but i nevet think how it mouted! Try it!
    Mate2010, Apr 22, 2015
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