A8N-SLI Deluxe Post Issues

Discussion in 'Asus' started by PJ, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. PJ

    PJ Guest

    I was having issue with "System failed memory test" errors with 2 brands of
    Corsair memory ( CMX512-3200XPLT, CMX512-3200C2PRO ). So, I reset the CMOS
    and now the system powers up with no vocal error messages, but there is no
    output to the monitor...the screen is just blank. I have yet to have any
    output to the monitor. Here are the specs:

    Case: Antec P160
    Power Supply: Antec True550 ( using a 20 -> 24 pin connector )
    Mobo: Asus A8N-Sli Deluxe
    CPU: Athlon 64 3500+ 90nm
    CPU Fan: Zalman CPS7000B
    Memory: Corsair 2x 3200 CMX512-3200XPLT; 2x Corsair CMX512-3200C2PRO
    Hard drives: 2x Western Digital WD740 Raptor
    DVD-R: Samsung 16x dual layer
    Grafx Card: Leadtek PX6800 GT TDH

    Does anyone know if the rear sound connections can be used for headphones?
    I have been using an input the front of the case connected to the AC97 pins,
    but I fear that something got screwed up with those as I no longer hear post
    messages even when I take out all of the memory.

    The manual enumerates the post messages and one of them is "No IDE hard disk
    detected." I am using 2 serial ata drives and no IDE drive...that's not a
    problem and wouldn't prevent posting would it?

    I know the monitor is working ( using it now ). I have reversed the SLI
    card on the board for single card use ( although the manual says it comes
    default that way ). I'm sure everything is connected correctly ( except for
    the power and hard drive led's as the case has a 2 pin connector for each ).

    I'm at a total loss at this point. I would love recommendations from anyone
    at where to go at this point.

    PJ, Feb 8, 2005
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  2. Try connecting a power connector to the ez_plug socket on the motherboard
    next to the first PCI-E socket
    40 PC SOCKET SET, Feb 8, 2005
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  3. PJ

    PJ Guest

    Try connecting a power connector to the ez_plug socket on the motherboard
    I had it plugged in to start and took it out in case that was the issue w/
    only 1 card. Good "outside of the box" thinking though.

    If the mobo is not speaking out post issues ( w/ all memory and vid card
    out ) , I can't imagine that it is anything else but the mobo at this point.
    I do remember smelling a "slight" spark halfway through the evening (
    although using a grounding wristband working on a glass table on a lanolium
    floor ). Any ideas and help is appreciated though!

    PJ, Feb 8, 2005
  4. Oh... I believe if you could smell it then it will have suffered damage, no
    matter how small the spark may have seemed.

    At this stage, you need to remove anything non-essential from the machine,
    just leaving proc, vid card and RAM on the mobo. Also check that you have
    not got a permanent short across the reset pins (front [panel connector),
    and also make sure that your power on off switching is correct (also front
    panel connector).

    Good luck,

    40 PC SOCKET SET, Feb 8, 2005
  5. PJ

    RJT Guest

    The board needs to have the extra 4 pin 12V line next to the CPU
    connected, without that it won't boot. I also suppose you put the cmos
    jumper back in the right position and replaced the battery - you did
    remove the battery before clearing the cmos, right?

    Supposing all that is in order, I can tell you the board works fine with
    just two SATA drives and no IDE. What happens if you put a bootable CD
    in the dvd drive? Can you tell if it's booting up, looking at the
    activity light? You may want to get the HD light to work as well, to see
    if there is activity. (remember to press space during boot, as when
    booting from the dvd drive, the bios will ask you to press space for
    booting from a cd).

    Oh, and did you clear the cmos again, just to make sure, reseat the vid
    card, memory and stuff, and check _all_ the cables?
    RJT, Feb 8, 2005
  6. PJ

    Paul Guest

    The nice thing about the "vocal post", is that it works with no
    components installed on the motherboard. You can test just the
    motherboard and the power supply connected together, and you should
    get some response, even if the vocal post tells you that no
    CPU is installed.

    Things to remember (already mentioned by others):

    1) Never add or remove components while the green LED is lit on
    the motherboard. The green LED tells you +5VSB is operating,
    and that power is used when the computer is in standby. Various
    sockets on the motherboard are powered by the +5VSB, and if you
    install components into a "hot" socket, they can be damaged. The
    best policy, is to unplug the computer, before adding RAM or
    a CPU or a PCI or AGP card - when unplugged, there is no
    uncertainty about +5VSB.
    2) If a motherboard has auxiliary power connectors, then connect
    them. The 2x2 ATX 12V connector provides power for the processor,
    and without it the board cannot post. The EZPlug provides extra
    power for SLI configurations - installing it won't hurt anything.
    3) The motherboard will operate without anything connected to
    the PANEL header. You don't need to have any switches connected
    or LEDs connected. Disconnecting the switches, will prevent a
    "stuck switch" from affecting your board. To start the board,
    you can touch a screwdriver tip to the two pins used for the
    Power switch, and a momentary contact should be enough to get
    the motherboard to start. Remember to drain static charge
    from the screwdriver tip, before touching it to the two power
    switch pins on the PANEL header.
    4) If you removed the CMOS battery, make sure you put it back the
    right way. Same goes for the CMOS jumper plug. As in (1) above,
    the reason for unplugging the computer while clearing the CMOS,
    is because +5VSB powers the CMOS circuit, and the +5VSB can
    damage the ORing diode in the CMOS power circuit, if you
    clear the CMOS while the green LED on the motherboard is lit.
    (Not all CMOS circuits are wired the same way, and unplugging
    is a conservative practice, intended to prevent damage in the
    case of badly designed CMOS circuits.)

    With the vocal post on the board, you can set the motherboard and
    power supply up outside the computer case. (This is referred to
    as the "cardboard test", for the piece of cardboard you place
    underneath the motherboard as insulation.) You can add components
    one at a time, and listen to the vocal post message change after
    a new component is added. For example, after adding the CPU, you
    should no longer get a message about no CPU being inserted, but
    instead receive a message that no RAM is present. If the RAM is
    added next, the vocal post should complain about no video card.
    Follow this sequence, and observe where the vocal responses no
    longer make sense (i.e. the vocal post is indicating that what
    you just installed, is not working, indicating that could be
    the defective device). As mentioned above, power down and unplug
    between trials. You'll soon get an idea as to whether something
    has been damaged in your trials up to this point. If you are
    still within the return period with your retailer, you should be
    able to return any defective item you find.

    For vocal post, you should use the lime colored lineout
    connector on the back of the computer. I'm told that will
    work even if the jumpers are removed from the FPAUDIO
    header. The vocal post is supposed to be connected via
    a capacitor, directly to the lineout connector on the
    rear of the computer.

    Paul, Feb 8, 2005
  7. PJ

    PJ Guest

    The board needs to have the extra 4 pin 12V line next to the CPU
    The board is getting power....all the fans ( board, case, cpu, vid card )
    fire up and the green light is on both the board and the vid card. I can
    hear the dvd-r spin briefly as well, but get no feedback from the hard
    PJ, Feb 9, 2005
  8. PJ

    PJ Guest

    Excellent response. Thank you very much. I've only put together a computer
    a couple of times, but now and forever I will take a much more methodical

    I have to admit that initially I did not clear the CMOS correctly as I did
    not take the battery out. Would the act of powering the board w/ the jumper
    set to reset damage the board?

    Alos, can a USB keyboard/mouse be used?
    PJ, Feb 9, 2005
  9. PJ

    K-Gun Guest

    A usb mouse and kb can be used. I had a similar problem with the 1st A8N-SLI
    I had, clearing CMOS did allow the CPU to boot but each time I shut down the
    system it would not re-boot without re-clearing the CMOS jumper. I tried new
    RAM, and a new battery without resolution. I RMA'd the board to Newegg, got
    a new one and voila, flawless.
    K-Gun, Feb 9, 2005
  10. PJ

    N/A Guest

    You can use a usb keyboard/mouse. I have a wireless desktop that plugs
    into a usb and didn't even have to change any bois setting. It was
    recognized fine. As far as the jumper goes, I have no idea. I can't
    imagine that it would be good but I did that once with an old SOYO
    board (biggest piece of crap I ever purchased) and it didn't do

    By the way, does anyone out there know it Geil PC3500 Golden dragon
    Ultra will work with this system. The Geil PC3500 Ultra Platinum
    doesn't seem to work. The ASUS website lists Geil Value and Golden
    Dragon Value but not the Ultra.
    N/A, Feb 10, 2005
  11. PJ

    RJT Guest

    I don't think the board would like you to clear the CMOS with the
    battery still in it, and keeping the jumper in the clearing position
    will not help - the battery will most certainly be drained. I don't
    think the board will like it, but if it will cause damage, I cannot say.
    You may try popping in a new battery.
    Not a problem, but that one has been answered.
    RJT, Feb 10, 2005
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