A8N5X power up issue

Discussion in 'Asus' started by wow, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. wow

    wow Guest

    After I turn on and then turn off the computer "safely," the thing won't
    power up again no matter how long I wait until I push the power button again
    unless I restart the power button on the PSU. This is so weird...local
    computer "techs" call it the "new" ASUS mb protection scheme.

    What the heck...I have never seen a computer so busted! Is this a BIOS
    issue? or mb failure? my PSU is stable 350W designed for Athlon 64, FX, X2.
    It's just very annoying to have to shut the power on the PSU after turning
    off the computer and then turn on the PSU before powering up again.
    BTW....resetting works fine.

    ASUS tech support told me to update BIOS...but I found no information on
    newly updated BIOS that documented the correction of this problem. Could
    some gurus help?
    wow, Oct 19, 2005
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  2. wow

    Paul Guest

    I would try another power supply. Or, if you have a lot of USB
    devices connected, try disconnecting as many as you can, and see if
    the symptoms change. I notice now, that Asus doesn't offer a
    USBPWxx header, to set whether USB is powered by +5V or +5VSB.
    If the LED on your USB mouse is always lit, then that means it is
    running from +5VSB.

    If +5VSB is being overloaded, perhaps that has something to do with
    the board not starting. I consider this change that Asus has made,
    while it saves a few pennies for the gold plated pins, it is not
    the best for the loading of the +5VSB output of the power supply.
    While most people will not overload their +5VSB output, I bet
    that not all supplies give the full 2 amps on that output.

    If you have tried a couple of power supplies (different brand each
    time, just to be safe), then I would consider sending the motherboard
    back to your supplier.

    If you do decide to return the motherboard, give it one last try
    while it is sitting on a piece of cardboard, outside the computer
    case (that is the so-called "cardboard test"). It could be something
    is touching the bottom of the motherboard, and drawing some current.

    Paul, Oct 19, 2005
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