A8V Deluxe Promise RAID Controller ?!?!?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Peter van der Goes, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. The Promise RAID controller on this board is driving me nuts!
    I'm trying to use the Promise PDC 20378 controller in IDE mode to control a
    single hard drive.

    If I set the controller to RAID mode in the BIOS, it is detected and the
    drivers load fine. Of course the single hard drive is not configured for
    RAID, so I get warned on boot that no RAID array is present.

    If I go into the BIOS and change the Promise controller to IDE mode, the
    single drive is detected during boot, but when Windows XP (SP2) boots up,
    the hard drive is not in the drive list and in Device Manager, the Promise
    Controller is flagged as not operating correctly with the Error [10 Device
    could not start].

    Anybody have a clue what's wrong?
    Peter van der Goes, Dec 28, 2004
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  2. Peter van der Goes

    Larry Guest

    Did you install the IDE version of the drivers in windows ?

    Larry, Dec 29, 2004
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  3. To make myself more clear, I'm trying to work with the Parallel ATA RAID
    controller (3rd IDE connector, colored red) on the motherboard. The only
    driver supplied on the CD for the Promise RAID controller is the one for
    RAID, which is rejected if the controller is set in IDE mode in the BIOS.
    If you know where the "IDE version of the drivers" can be found, please tell
    Peter van der Goes, Dec 29, 2004
  4. Peter van der Goes

    KS Guest

    Just to the information.
    I have buildt many asus machines but this motherboard is something. I have
    never had problem installing asus board with SATA and I think I have build
    10 different models the last 10 years. I tried to install the a sata
    harddrive for windows and xp but after days of pain I gave up. To install a
    singel drive, not raid, I first installed with a IDE disk. Installed all the
    drivers and the OS, and then when everthing run smooth, I ghost the IDE
    drive to a SATA harddrive. That was the only way I could make the ยค&%/:(
    thing work. This motherboard is the worst ever when it comes to installing
    sata, and they didnt supply the sata driver on floppy either but on the cd.
    How many people have several machine standing by with floppy like I do?
    KS, Dec 29, 2004
  5. Peter van der Goes

    David G Guest


    I may be speaking out of turn here and do not know if this is relevant
    to you. I have a A7V333 board with raid. It has the extra channels you
    mention. As supplied I could not get the raid channels to accept just as
    an extra drive. I then discovered the Lumberjacker site

    He hacks the BIOS to accept extra drives, and with me has been trouble
    free. There is also a method for installing the BIOS which needs to be
    followed so as the correct drivers are installed. See here

    Hope this sets you in the right direction.


    David G
    (remove r u n)
    David G, Dec 29, 2004
  6. In Nachricht
    You have to remove the raid-driver and install the ata-driver instead.
    This driver can be found here:
    Stephan Collet, Dec 29, 2004
  7. I appreciate the pointer, but the driver you suggest is described as the
    Promise SATA RAID controller driver. I'm attempting to get the Promise ATA
    Raid controller to work in its advertised IDE mode.
    Please tell me if I'm missing something here. Have you used this driver to
    operate the Promise ATA RAID controller successfully in IDE mode on an A8V?
    Peter van der Goes, Dec 29, 2004
  8. In Nachricht
    No, it isn't. It's no RAID driver.
    You should try this driver I mentioned above.
    Yes. I'm running one SATA-Channel in IDE mode with my 74 GB Raptor. It
    also works on the IDE-Connector.
    Stephan Collet, Dec 29, 2004
  9. OK, thanks very much. I'll install it and see what happens...
    Peter van der Goes, Dec 30, 2004
  10. Peter van der Goes

    Larry Guest

    There's a driver for that too. I believe I got it from ASUS's Web Site.

    There are two versions. 378ata_100104528.zip for ATA use and
    378raid_100137.zip for RAID use.

    Larry, Dec 30, 2004
  11. It works (duh)!
    You are correct. I've finally figured out that there are two different sets
    of drivers for the Promise controller, and that the one you cite (even
    though Asus describes it as a RAID driver) *is* the correct driver for the
    Promise controller in IDE mode.
    Thanks very much for bearing with me through this!
    Peter van der Goes, Dec 30, 2004
  12. I've now successfully installed that driver with the Promise controller in
    IDE mode, and it works as it should.
    Thank you (and the others here) for bearing with me through this.
    The lesson I've learned is that this group produces better information than
    the manufacturer.
    I really appreciate the help!
    Peter van der Goes, Dec 30, 2004
  13. Peter van der Goes

    Larry Guest

    You are quite welcome :)

    I do believe the VIA controller, for single-drive use at least, is a bit
    faster than the Promise controller.

    So I've heard at least. I've always had the Promise disabled in the BIOS
    since I don't use it (for now).

    Larry, Jan 1, 2005
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