A8V Deluxe Promise SATA/PATA Controller

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Peter van der Goes, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. I've looked through my manual, and may have overlooked the answer to this,
    but here goes.

    The motherboard sports both SATA and PATA connectors for the Promise
    controller. Am I limited to using one or the other connector, or can I use
    both concurrently?

    Current situation is one SATA data drive on the Promise. I have a spare 80
    gig PATA drive I'd like to use for added storage space.

    My gut tells me I'm SOL on this and will have to either buy a SATA drive, or
    a PATA_to_SATA adapter.

    Anybody tried using both?
    Peter van der Goes, Feb 28, 2006
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  2. Peter van der Goes

    Paul Guest

    There are two drivers for the Promise 20378. One driver is used
    for RAID, the other for non-RAID. For non-RAID, the file name
    of the driver would be something like 378ATA...

    With the non-RAID driver installed, you should be able to install
    both SATA and PATA drives on the 20378 controller.

    Be sure to uninstall the RAID driver first, before installing
    the non-RAID driver. Check Google if you have a problem
    doing this - a recent poster (last couple of months) posted
    his solution in this group.

    Also, you may wish to format/partition the new drive, put a
    few files on each partition, then move the drive to another
    computer, to see if the drive is "portable" between platforms.
    My experience with the 20378, was my first partition disappeared,
    when I moved a prepared drive from one computer to another. If
    portability is important, a Southbridge interfaced drive may
    be more portable between platforms. I don't know what causes
    this, but suggest you check for drive portability before
    putting a lot of data on there. Portability helps, when the
    time comes, to try to recover data from a broken drive. If
    you have a good backup system in place for the computer, then
    don't worry about this issue.

    Paul, Feb 28, 2006
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  3. Thanks very much, Paul.
    I tried it out, and it works like a charm :)
    Now I have one SATA and one PATA (not RAID, of course) running fine on the
    Promise controller. A rare time when one gets *more* than one expects.
    Peter van der Goes, Feb 28, 2006
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