Abit --- it may be almost time to say goodbye...............

Discussion in 'Abit' started by John Lewis, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. John Lewis

    John Lewis Guest

    Having been a system-builder exclusively using Abit
    motherboards ever since the BH6 days, this is very hard to
    take......... Like losing an old friend.....

    However, within the next 3 months, I shall be building a very
    high performance AMD X2 desktop system. Motherboard price
    is not a factor in my decision-making. Other costs just swamp
    the price-differences between the motherboard choices.

    My Motherboard requirements are as follows:-


    1. AMD Socket 939 motherboard, capable of supporting the
    max power requirements of the X2 ( with X2 compatible
    BIOS of course )
    2. nForce4 SLI with SOFTWARE SWITCHING
    3. At least 2 usable free PCI slots


    4. High quality on-board audio - preferably Creative.
    Will save one PCI slot.....

    So let's see how Abit and a couple more of the Tier1 MB
    manufacturers currently match up with these 4 requirements.


    1. YES: BIOS support for X2 imminent
    2. NO: nF4 SLI with junk daughter board
    3. NO.... only 2 PCI slots, one of which is totally useless
    if dual-graphics cards are inserted. The 2nd graphics card
    is likely to die due to blocked ventilation if a PCI board is
    inserted in the adjacent slot. ( On the Abit AMD SLI boards,
    there are only 2 PCI slots... thanks to the space reserved
    for the junk OTES fans and consequent moves of other
    parts.................... )
    4. NO: Realtek (yuk!!) audio

    Only 1 out of 4 requirements met

    MSI ( K8N Neo4 Platinum )
    1. YES: , BIOS update for X2 now available
    2. NO: nF4 SLI with junk daughter board
    3. YES..... 2 usable PCI slots. Actually 3 are
    available, but use of the 3rd will block the air-flow to
    the 2nd video card.
    4. YES... Creative 24-bit on-board 7.1 audio

    3 out of 4 requirements met...

    ............and item #2 may well be fixed within the next 3
    months via a board rev to either the Platinum or Diamond
    version since MSI has the P4N Diamond Intel nF4-SLI with
    software switching already in retail.


    Asus A8N-SLI Premium ( about to be shipped )

    1. YES: will have support for X2
    2. YES: Software SLI switching
    3. YES.....2 usable PCI slots. Actually 3 are
    available, but use of the 3rd will block the air-flow to
    the 2nd video card.
    4. NO: Realtek ( yuk !!) audio

    3 out of 4 requirements met.

    Also, the 8N-SLI Premium has passive chip-set cooling
    using an innovative heat-pipe arrangement. No more
    junk chipset-fan or additional-cost 3rd-party replacements.


    So what's wrong in the Abit household ?

    The answer is easy:-

    .......... distraction with gimmicks, such as uGuru, OTES
    RAM coolers, "fatal1ty-hype" to the detriment of sound
    attention to the keys that made them the "enthusiasts-choice"
    in the past ---- fundamental motherboard flexibility and
    performance. I have never needed any of this junk that
    Abit is now throwing at us. More junk to go wrong too.....

    I predict hard times ahead for Abit, since I am sure that
    I am not the only 'Abit-faithful-multiple-repeat-purchaser'
    disgusted by their current "diversions"

    John Lewis
    John Lewis, Jun 3, 2005
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  2. John Lewis

    farmuse Guest

    picky picky picky ! my gosh, how can you say a PCI card is gonna
    die just because it's in a lower slot. I have built dozens if not over a
    hundred computers and I have not had one PCI card fail. I have used many
    Abit boards myself, still use em. Heck even this NF7-S2G, that everyone
    just loves to hate for some stupid reason, runs great. No, it's not an
    overclockers motherboard, but then again I don't need to overclock that
    board. I can see how you want certain features, but Abit is still a
    great motherboard manufacturer, one of the best.
    farmuse, Jun 4, 2005
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  3. John Lewis

    - HAL9000 Guest

    64 bit technology is going to bleed for awhile. At least the first
    mobo offering and probably the second one too.


    Motherboard Help By HAL web site:
    - HAL9000, Jun 4, 2005
  4. John Lewis

    John Russell Guest

    I have just changed to the Abit SLI. I was shocked to find the demise of
    serial and parrallel ports to make way for the otes passive cooler. This is
    truly a USB/Firewire only board. It also has two pcix1 slots for which I
    cannot find a single device, whilst cramping the space for the two PCI
    slots. I'd love to ditch my old sound card for pciex1 device but where can
    you get one? I've been forced to buy a new integrated scanner/copier/printer
    fax as well.
    John Russell, Jun 4, 2005
  5. John Lewis

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    I predict hard times ahead for Abit, since I am sure that
    I agree with you John. My favourite mainboard ever was the Abit TH7IIR. The
    IC7-G may be the last Abit board I buy.

    Fred Bloggs, Jun 4, 2005
  6. John Lewis

    John Lewis Guest

    Funny thing. I have had EXACTLY the same sequence of motherboards
    in my personal PCs, with exactly the same reaction. My son has now got
    the TH7IIR, updated with a 3.06/533 P4. Still works great.

    You and I need to compare notes on future potential MB acquisitions.
    Feel free to email me at your convenience if you come up with any
    bright suggestions or personal experiences.

    Seems as if I shall HAVE to go with AMD this time round. The
    technical, environmental and long-term reliability reasons are

    John Lewis
    John Lewis, Jun 4, 2005
  7. John Lewis

    John Lewis Guest

    Please read Item #3 in my analysis of Abit VERY CAREFULLY
    again. I need 2 PCI slots CLEAR for potential peripherals.
    With the Abit design, a PCI card in the PCI slot nearest the CPU
    is likely to result in rapid overheating of the immediately-adjacent
    PCIe video card of the SLI-pair due to heat-suffocation,
    NOT the PCI card itself !!

    Remember we are talking about, say, a 6800GT with ~ 45-60
    watts of dissipation, mostly in the GPU, and the fan intake almost
    completely blocked if the PCI card is present.. The MSI and Asus
    designs provide 3 PCI slots of which 2 are still perfectly usable
    when/if a second PCIe video card is present.

    Clear now ??

    Today's Abit high-end designs suck carrots...........in terms of
    fundamental versatility. Abit used to be the leader in design of
    'future-proof' motherboards -- motherboards with excellent system-
    upgrade potential. Not now. Still high quality with lots of
    overclocking ability, but the upgrade versatility has been sacrificed
    to fans, fans and more fans, glitzy motherbord monitoring/
    configuration interfaces that will be used for a few weeks like
    a new toy and then mostly forgotten, and vacuous 'fatal1ty'
    publicity campaigns.

    John Lewis
    John Lewis, Jun 5, 2005
  8. Not to mention price. I built Intel machines exclusively for years, till I
    took the plunge and built an AMD system based on an Epox 8RDA+ board. I now
    have a second system built on the Abit NF7-S2. The only wierdness I've
    found is that the mouse port will not work through my Belkin KVM, so I have
    to have a mouse plugged directly into the mouse port on the Abit machine.
    I've tested the KVM and all the cables, and all works fine. Aside from this
    wierdness, the machine runs great, is reliable, and the manual was easy to
    follow. Anyway, the reliability, performance and price of these systems
    compared to equally powered Intel systems is amazing. I'm sold on AMD now.
    Gonna wait awhile before I go to a 939 system though.....


    Margaret Wilson, Jun 5, 2005
  9. That really sucks. There is no way I would want to ditch my USR Courier
    external modem. There is simply nothing of comparable quality.
    Granted, parallel printers are few and far between these days, but com
    ports still have a role to play.

    Peter Huebner, Jun 5, 2005
  10. Ah, and I always thought it was the wallet doing the 'bleeding edge'

    Peter Huebner, Jun 5, 2005
  11. John Lewis

    farmuse Guest

    sorry, the only solution there would be a blow hole fan on the side
    of the case.
    farmuse, Jun 5, 2005
  12. John Lewis

    John Lewis Guest


    Thanks for the info. I have a Belkin KVM, works great with 2 Intel
    Abit systems. I wonder what super-I/O chip the NF7-S2 uses ? I will
    check to make sure that any new AMD system does not use that

    John Lewis
    John Lewis, Jun 5, 2005
  13. Yes, the only COM port I use is for my UPS. But once they start making
    UPSes that use USB (do they have 'em already?) I won't miss COM and parallel
    ports. I moved to USB printers a while back.


    Margaret Wilson, Jun 5, 2005
  14. John Lewis

    John Russell Guest

    This board is not so much "future proofed" as "from the future". No
    parrallel or serial ports, and two pciex1 slots to go with the two sli
    slots. In a years time this may make more sense as users will have more pcie
    cards avaialble and may only require 1 or 2 pci slots for those devices with
    pcie replacments.

    As for the layout, the audiomax slot should have been put between the pci
    slots and the second sli slot, thuse solving your problem as the audiomax
    card is tall and thin and won't interfear significantly with the cooling of
    the second sli card.
    John Russell, Jun 5, 2005
  15. John Lewis

    John Lewis Guest

    Or buy Asus or MSI :-( :-( :-(

    John Lewis
    John Lewis, Jun 5, 2005
  16. John Lewis

    dr ratt Guest

    better than that, they [can] come with lan connectors.

    dr ratt

    gary: so there's no chance we can be together?
    lisa: only if you promise me you'll never die.
    gary: you know i can't promise that.
    lisa: if you could do that, i'd make love to you, right now.
    gary: i promise. i will never die.
    dr ratt, Jun 6, 2005
  17. Different strokes for different folks. I live in a remote area with bad
    phone lines, no *dsl is available, nor cable, radio internet or anything
    like that. So I have an asymmetric satellite connection which, alas,
    still needs a modem. For me, no COM port == no internet. Huh.

    So: no COM port, no sale!

    Peter Huebner, Jun 6, 2005
  18. John Lewis

    John Russell Guest

    Check out the op's orginal post. The Abit only has 2 pci slots!
    John Russell, Jun 6, 2005
  19. John Lewis

    John Russell Guest

    Yes, but you where suggesting that one of those 2 slots could be used to fit
    a serial/parrallel card.
    If you need serial/parrallel it's just not worth getting the AN8 SLI.
    John Russell, Jun 6, 2005
  20. Another old BH6 to NF7-S 2.0 guy here. Of course you can alway buy a
    PCI card that has a COM and Parallel port. I still need my parallel
    port for a laser printer and the com port for a medical device. ASUS
    is expensive but it does have want I need.

    Alfred Kaufmann, Jun 6, 2005
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