Abit NF7-S & FSB > 210 MHz Sound probs. :(

Discussion in 'Abit' started by maniac, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. maniac

    maniac Guest

    I don't know if it is known issue but I've got terrible problem with SB Live
    or even Sound Sotrm if FSB is higher than 210 MHz (my max stable FSB is 232
    MHz without any mods, but it is hard to use with prob i have :( ). The
    issues are:
    - stuttering and 'skipping' sound when I typing something on keyboard :(
    - vanishing one of the sound channels (not very often)
    Any FSB lower than 210 MHz and there are no problems with sound. :( Is there
    any solution?

    Abit NF7-S 2.0
    BIOS 1.9 - 2.1 (the same issues)
    Chieftec 420W Active PFC with Dual Fan PSU
    maniac, Dec 29, 2003
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  2. maniac

    ICee Guest

    What voltages are you running on the CPU, chipset and memory?
    I'm running a SB Live 5.1 with no problems at all at 220 MHz FSB and I
    previously had SoundStorm running fine as well.
    ICee, Dec 30, 2003
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  3. maniac

    PRIVATE1964 Guest

    Not sure if this will help, even though I have read it does. Put a heatsink
    on the Southbridge it gets pretty hot.
    PRIVATE1964, Dec 30, 2003
  4. maniac

    maniac Guest

    @ 2200 MHz
    Chipset 1.5v
    DDR 2.6v
    CPU 1.6v (but actualy it is ~1.55v)

    I don't know If it is important... but even If I raise voltages for Mem,
    CPU, Chipset it doesn't help me. :( Maybe 2.0 - 2.1 are just a crap... One
    of my NF7-S MoBo died 2 month ago, I bought NF7 because of waiting for
    replacement for S version and on NF7 there were the same problems. :(
    What version of BIOS do you use?
    maniac, Dec 30, 2003
  5. maniac

    maniac Guest

    I just downloaded and flashed to my NF7-S MoBo Hacked D10 BIOS... All
    described issues suddenly disapeared. It seems to me I had something bad set
    in the BIOS... But I don't know what caused my problems. :(
    maniac, Dec 30, 2003
  6. maniac

    ICee Guest

    I have BIOS 17. Haven't had any need to upgrade it.
    ICee, Dec 30, 2003
  7. maniac

    Top-poster Guest

    HSF on SB - fit one !
    Top-poster, Dec 31, 2003
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