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    Dear Sirs/Madam:

    I have a Abit VP6 dual proc. I have a delima of an: "ERROR LOADING OPERATING
    SYSTEM". I could not get my main HD to boot up no matter what I did including
    a low format or a fill. I pulled it out and got one of my friends to format it
    for me on his computer system using WinXPpro. When that was done I brought it
    back to my system and my Win2Kpro disk booted up the HD. I wasen't shure if it
    would boot rite so I reformated it agian using the boot up disk of Win2Kpro.
    My HD is NTSF formated. After the full clean install I rebooted and went into
    my CMOS and changed the boot set up to 1st: HD-0/ 2nd: CD-ROM/ 3rd: FLOPPY and
    manually filled the CHS of my HD-0. As soon as I restarted it agian it went
    through it's process of boot up. Afterwards it said "VERIFYING DMI POOL DATA",

    This is what my setup looks like when it comes up:
    CPU ID/ucode ID: 0686/08
    CPU Clock: 1000B Mhz
    Extended Memory: 2096128K
    Cache Memory: 256K/ 256K

    Diskette Drive A: 1.44M, 3.5in.
    Diskette Drive B: none
    Pri Master: CHS,ATA 100, 76GB
    Pri Slave: none
    Sec. Master: DVD-RW,ATA 33
    Sec. Slave: none
    Display Type: EGA/VGA
    Serial Ports: 3F8 2F8
    Parallel Ports: 378
    SDRAM at DIMM: 0 1 2 3

    manual mode: 16383 CYL
    16 HDS
    63 SEC

    Boot up formation:

    Hope you can help me, need help badly. You can email me back at:

    Thank you,
    SiLapuLapu, Oct 14, 2003
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