Able to receive, unable to send via on the road.

Discussion in 'Apple' started by dmai, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. dmai

    dmai Guest

    When on the road, able to receive email OK, but cannot send new or
    forward email to others.
    Able to email and forward to myself. Apple says its a
    problem and Charter says its
    an Apple problem.
    Running OS 10.4.5 safari mac email. Powerbook G4
    dmai, Mar 2, 2006
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  2. dmai

    Don Bruder Guest

    Something to check: Does Charter restrict mail-server access to "members
    only", in an effort to prevent spam relay (I think they probably do), or
    are they open? If they restrict, it's very possible that you *LOOK LIKE*
    a "foreigner" to the servers when you connect via one POP,
    but you're seen as a "real live customer" on another.

    My ISP ( used to do me the same way if I came in on a dialup
    that they didn't control, but if I came in on one of their dial-ups, no
    problem. Then they adding the IP numbers for the "not" POPs I
    came in on, and the problem resolved. I'd be suspecting that you're
    hitting "not's" when you get the "can't send" thing
    happening. What it boils down to, if this is the case, is that is applying a rule saying "only people on our local network
    can use our servers to send - People not on our network can use them to
    READ, but can't SEND."

    It takes adjusting what IP numbers the servers will accept as being "on
    our net", and it may be tough getting them to alter those numbers for
    fear of being clobbered as a spamhaus. On the other hand, if they
    actually know what they're doing, it's not that hard a task to add the
    POPs, and they may make it happen easily. <shrug> No telling until you
    Don Bruder, Mar 2, 2006
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  3. Its a common problem - receiving is fine but can send via your ISP. It may
    be that you need to authenticate when sending mail with a username and
    password. However, I think this sounds too simple as it looks like you have
    already talked to both apple and your ISP and im sure they would have
    suggested this straight off.

    Nigel McMillan, Mar 2, 2006
  4. You might want to switch to a web-mail system that doesn't rely on
    dialing in to a particular network, like gmail or yahoo or hotmail.
    Michael Vilain, Mar 2, 2006
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