AC97 Stereo sound problem from second-hand K7T266 mobo

Discussion in 'MSI' started by roger, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. roger

    roger Guest

    Can anyone help please with this apparently simple problem? I recently
    bought a second-hand K7T266 on e-bay which works fine except I can only
    get one channel out of the line audio out no matter what the sound
    source - CD, wav audio file, internet-radio etc and no matter what
    player software I use. (WM9, Real Player, LP Recorder, Total Recorder
    etc) All the settings seem ok and I have tried re-loading the AC97
    driver but still no stereo. I think the previous owner must have had a
    sound card as when I received the board I had to switch on the AC97 in
    the BIOS.

    When I use Total Recorder (which grabs the sound from the AC97)to edit
    and burn a CD, the CD produced is in good stereo. Everything points
    towards an electrical problem with the motherboard line-out socket but
    surely that is just about impossible?

    many thanks for any help - Roger
    roger, Mar 8, 2005
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  2. roger

    Don Guest

    Total recorder actually intercepts the audio at the sound driver level
    and not through the hardware. It would be better to try recording
    through the line-in jack on the board which is also stereo.

    You could try recording through MIC and LINE-IN to confirm everything
    else is working properly.
    The socket is mechanical and subject to failing just like any other
    mechanical device. Simply inserting and removing a plug from the socket
    wears down the spring mechanism inside every time its done. Considering
    this is a second-hand board, it's possible it may have been damaged at
    some time and the previous owner simply plugged in a sound card to get
    it working again.

    If you know someone skilled with a soldering iron, they could check the
    solder connections on the underside of the board. Sometimes it's that
    simple. Replacing the receptacle on the board is not all that difficult
    to do either.

    Don, Mar 10, 2005
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  3. roger

    roger Guest

    Many thanks for your suggestions Don. I can record stereo via the line
    in no problem so it probably is the jack electrical connection. Rather
    than play arround with the jack I think i will buy a 'USB sound box'
    which will give me easier access for line in/out and by-pass the AC97
    on-board. It's a real bind playing around at the back of the PC.


    roger, Mar 10, 2005
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