Acer Aspire 1524

Discussion in 'Acer' started by Alain Dekker, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Alain Dekker

    Alain Dekker Guest

    I don't know if this newsgroup is checked regularly or not, but I wanted to
    know if it was possible to get a updated graphics card for this laptop. The
    64Mb version I currently have is starting to look a bit old.

    Any recommendations? Can a tech-svvy, but not expert, person do the upgrade

    Alain Dekker, Jan 7, 2009
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  2. Alain Dekker

    Alain Dekker Guest

    Thanks, I got separate advice from Acer directly which exactly matched that
    advice. Bad news, but I guess that "progress"...

    Alain Dekker, Feb 8, 2009
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  3. Alain Dekker

    Sheldon Guest

    If Acer ever upgraded the video for that model you can probably replace the
    system board. Not a cheap part and not an easy job. Still, might be worth
    Sheldon, Feb 21, 2009
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