acer aspire 3680 WAN driver won't start

Discussion in 'Acer' started by Gary Roach, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Gary Roach

    Gary Roach Guest

    I've got an acer aspire 3680-2576 laptop. I'm installing XP Home SP2 on it.
    The wireless driver installs but windows reports "device cannot start, code
    10." I tried all the wireless drivers listed for this computer on the acer
    site and this is the only one that installs. It's the "atheros AR5600X"
    driver. Rebooting makes no difference. Uninstalling and re-installing makes
    no difference. The wireless switch on the front of the computer doesn't
    light when the switch is pushed. Any ideas what to do? Thanks.
    Gary Roach, Sep 7, 2007
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  2. Gary Roach

    HH Guest

    Going back to an earlier OS often results in driver issues. Might check
    Atheros and see if an XP driver is available. Otherwise you might have to
    reinstall the original OS, Vista, I presume. Either that or purchase a PC
    card wireless adapter that comes with XP drivers.

    HH, Sep 7, 2007
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  3. Gary Roach

    Han Guest

    Since I am considering moving back to XP on a 3680-2633, I saved this link: 3680.pdf?CFID=

    It seemed that there were wireless drivers for XP when I looked. Did you
    try the one(s) listed?
    Han, Sep 7, 2007
  4. Gary Roach

    DC Guest

    There are Atheros drivers for XP. If after installing the drivers, and
    the unit recognizes, but won't start the driver, the card is defective.
    DC, Oct 20, 2007

  5. This may be my first post but thats beside the point, if when you dual
    boot vista/xp and in vista the card in question works and connects to
    the internet just fine using the supplied acer driver, but when you boot
    into xp using that same card and the supplied xp driver from acer you
    simply get the device cannot start. I also noticed an earlier post for
    aspire 3680-2633 and the driver under xp was installing the "atheros
    AR5600X" driver while mine is an aspire 3680-2682, anyways my point is
    the card has to work and therefore acer must either have a bad driver OR
    the driver is installing the incorrect version for that card... there
    are models besides the ar5600x that are packed into that driver set.
    Smply power off your machine and remove the battery, then on the bottom
    of your notebook there will be 2 access panels. The smaller one is the
    access panel to your sata hdd/ide hdd, while the larger one with the
    Vista OEM sticker contains your RAM, modem, wireless card, and possibly
    bluetooth device. Remove the panel by loosing the two screws (don't
    worry they do not come all the way out) then just pop the cover off
    using your fingernail at the center lift point.the card the with black
    and white wires attached to it is your wireless card.
    remove the two screw holding it down and the card will lift up at an
    angle but be CAREFUL because if you lift the card into a bind it will
    break! now that you have removed it from its socket on the bottom side
    you will see the model under the fcc id, mine is an "Atheros AR5BXB63"
    not the the "atheros AR5600X" that the driver tries to install by
    default. Now that you have your card model simply put your notebook back
    together the same way you took it apart and use THIS driver for the
    install 'Download Atheros AR5xxx Driver Driver for Windows
    95/98/9X/ME/NT/2000/2K/XP/2003 - Softpedia' (
    btw also u might have to do a manual install and pick the AR5007EG
    vesion like i did, after that problem solved!
    ( In case the black and white wires come off the black is the main and
    the white wire is the aux.)
    mr_jager_bong, Nov 2, 2007
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