Acer Aspire 5920G: DVD recorder update

Discussion in 'Acer' started by Mhaxx, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Mhaxx

    Mhaxx Guest

    Could someone tell me where to find a firmware update or fix for the
    "Toshiba DVDWHD TS-L802A", the DVD recorded doesn't work so well?

    I can't find anything.. and the recored failes many times the data
    verification or the record..

    Thanks in advance,

    Mhaxx, Sep 18, 2008
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  2. Mhaxx

    007 Guest

    How do you know that "the DVD recorded doesn't work so well?
    Isn't there any possibility that you might be doing something wrong?
    007, Sep 23, 2008
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  3. Mhaxx

    Mhaxx Guest

    How do you know that "the DVD recorded doesn't work so well?

    Because recording I get error and data check failure.. and there's no reason
    for them. This happens with Nero and with Acer software, too.
    I don't think so.

    Could you kindly tell me where I can find a firmware update or a fix for all
    my problems? (the notebook is new one)


    Mhaxx, Sep 24, 2008
  4. Mhaxx

    007 Guest

    I don't think anybody can help you in your case.
    As fa as I know Aser has it's ow software shipped
    with Acer laptops. If you installed Nero 7 or 8
    and runing Vista - you may have problem here.
    Nero has compatability problem with Vista.
    It may halp to chek the Nero updates and install them.
    If that doesn't help, you'd be advised to uninstall Nero
    and reinstll it. OR go back to the Acer Dedicatet
    DVD software which is NTI CD Maker (I belive).

    Now, that "Toshiba DVDWHD TS-L802A", the DVD"
    is made if I remember well, by Matsushita. But you say it's
    "toshiba DVDW/HD TS-L802A". So if you go to Toshiba site
    you may find what you looking for. This is all what I can do.
    But you probably already have been there...
    Note that NERO has problem with Vista.
    I'd uninstall it and reboot PC to let computer reinstall
    by default the original drivers for "NTI CD Maker".

    Firmware Toshiba DVDW/HD TS-L802A. ...
    toshiba ts l802a hd dvd rom firmware vtf32 ...
    toshiba portege r500 s5001x dvd rom firmware uj 844 v1.01 ... -
    66k -
    007, Sep 24, 2008
  5. Mhaxx

    Mhaxx Guest

    Nero has compatability problem with Vista.

    The problem has happended from the beginning (immediately after I bought the
    notebook), that is when I didn't installa anything. So I don't think Nero
    may be the cause.


    Mhaxx, Sep 24, 2008
  6. Mhaxx

    007 Guest

    If Nero has come with Acer installed - cal Acer and they
    shoud sort the problem for you. However, in case if you
    installed Nerro over the factory installed NTI CD Maker,
    dedicated to Acer - you should check the version of Nero
    and see what problems you can expect.
    007, Sep 24, 2008
  7. Mhaxx

    007 Guest

    See this review - so Acer Aspire 5920G has pre-installed NTI CD/DVD Maker 7.
    Without proper delition of it and installing Nero 7 over it - you can
    expect problems.

    "The downside is that the touch sensitive control cannot (to my knowledge)
    be reprogrammed. For example, the "record" button only opens the
    NTI CD/DVD Maker 7, whilst I am sure many would prefer it to launch Nero
    or perhaps Ashampoo alternatives."
    007, Sep 24, 2008
  8. Hi!
    If your discs are failing to burn and/or be readable later, have you
    considered the media you are using?

    Your media might be bad quality, or it may simply not work with the drive
    you have. It happens. Sometimes firmware updates can improve things, but
    it's often easier and not as risky as upgrading drive firmware?

    Also, try slowing down the burning speed. You could be asking more than the
    computer can do in terms of data transfer.

    William R. Walsh, Sep 25, 2008
  9. Mhaxx

    007 Guest

    Indeed, this may be the case. I've checked with my friend
    who has Acer Aspire 5920G. The media he is using is
    Verbatim Advanced AZO+ DVD-R
    or Sony DVD-R.
    007, Sep 25, 2008
  10. Mhaxx

    Mhaxx Guest

    "The downside is that the touch sensitive control cannot (to my knowledge)
    I can't understand how this is linked to my problem.. :-O

    Mhaxx, Sep 26, 2008
  11. Mhaxx

    Mhaxx Guest

    Indeed, this may be the case. I've checked with my friend
    I don't think it's manly a media problem because the same disc could be
    burned or not, there's no rule..

    Mhaxx, Sep 26, 2008
  12. Hi!
    Perhaps I have misunderstood your posting. I'm coming in late to the

    If you saying that the drive fails no matter what media you use, I think you
    may have a bad drive.

    If you do not know for sure, it would be a good idea to try different media.
    Get another brand of media.* Also, please do at least check the burning
    speed and try slowing it down. I've found drives that did much better when
    they were simply slowed down a little. The most recent was a Toshiba Samsung
    Storage Technology (TSST) drive with the latest firmware available already

    *Note that many "brands" of blank CD or DVD media you see sold on store
    shelves are actually made by companies other than the one that's listed on
    the box--even if that company does make blank media, there's no guarantee
    that they make their *own* blank media.

    William R. Walsh, Sep 27, 2008
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