Acer bios Update fails

Discussion in 'Acer' started by Forum, Dec 18, 2005.

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    Forum Guest

    I need help..

    I upgraded my bios with the program found on the acer's site.
    Windows procedure, the notebook does not have a floppy drive to do this
    operation under dos boot.
    So, after this operation, no error message and reboot.
    The problem is here... Impossible to reboot the computer,Black screen, power
    on, leds lightened, so, it seems to work but the boot procedure is stopped
    I think the upgrade fails.
    Looking into the files downloaded from Acer's site, there are some different
    files between the dos procedure and the windows one. I think the windows
    option doesn't give the file for the model i have, regardless the info files
    saying it is for the aspire 1670.
    Can anyone help me to recover my config or simply have the possibility to
    open the bios panel if a security backup exists oin the computer.
    I tried several combinaisons key while turning on the computer but nothing
    I tried to open the notebook finding a jumper or battery to reset the cmos,
    but, this operation seems to be hard... i resign this option.
    I'm looking for a service book or some other help...
    If possible, i don't want to return the notebook to acer's maintenance, my
    HD contains some personnal and business data and as it is impossible to
    acces the hd, impossible to make a backup before sending it to maintenance

    Thanks for reading this post ... and if posible respond with a solution.
    And... Excuse if there are some errors in this post, i'm a french one, and
    my english so far from my school lessons...
    Forum, Dec 18, 2005
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  2. Forum

    MarkusFried Guest

    Sorry, I have no solution cause I have the same Problem with a Acer
    Travelmate 4151LMi. I made a BIOS upgrade with the windows utility
    without any error message and after the reboot I have only a black
    screen. Do you have currently a solution?
    Tomorrow I will try to organize a USB Floppy an try to boot with this
    device. I'll report the result.
    MarkusFried, Dec 28, 2005
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  3. Forum

    Forum Guest

    I think it is impossible to boot with an usb port..
    I tried this way.. but, as the computer does'nt boot, usb ports are not
    My computer is 3 months old, so i called the maintenance and for now, the
    only way i found was to send them the notebook.
    the only thing i heard was a long beep with two short beeps. Fans on, leds
    Forum, Dec 28, 2005
  4. Forum

    MarkusFried Guest

    I had the same problems. Nothing my Notebook is also only three month
    old and nothing seems to work after the windows BIOS update.

    On a DOS BIOS disk I found a crisis BIOS update. I pluged in a USB
    floppy and did a crisis BIOS update:
    a). Using the buildrim.bat to create 512k rom which match with your
    and then rename it to bios.rom.
    b). Copy bflashit.bin and bios.rom to floppy disk.
    c). Plug in AC and floppy disk to your system.
    d). Press Fn+Esc and don't release.
    e). Press power button, and then release Fn+Esc.
    f). Wait crisis to be finished.

    It worked! My Acer runs now again!

    What says the customer service to the problems with the update
    MarkusFried, Dec 29, 2005
  5. Forum

    ldallacqua Guest

    I have the same problem in an acer aspire 1673 WLMI.
    But where I can find buildrim.bat and bflashit.bin?
    ldallacqua, Dec 29, 2005
  6. Forum

    MarkusFried Guest

    For my Notebook the files where at the same archive like the MS-DOS
    BIOS update from the Acer homepage. But I don't know where the files
    are for the aspire 1673. Maybe you can ask the customer support.
    MarkusFried, Dec 29, 2005
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    zopiezopie Guest

    Sorry for my english.
    I have a Acer 1310.
    "The problem is here... Impossible to reboot the computer,Black screen
    power on, leds lightened, so, it seems to work but the boot procedure i
    stopped here. "
    Only try to read on Cdrom (led blinking). Dont try to read on Flopp
    Is possible to restore the bios from Cdrom
    zopiezopie, Jan 12, 2006
  8. Forum

    zopiezopie Guest

    Sorry for my english
    I have a Acer 1310
    "The problem is here... Impossible to reboot the computer,Blac
    screen, power on, leds lightened, so, it seems to work but the boo
    procedure is stopped here.
    Only try to read on Cdrom (led blinking). Dont try to read on Flopp
    Is possible to restore the bios from Cdrom
    zopiezopie, Jan 12, 2006
  9. Forum

    buddy31 Guest

    I have a Acer 1703SC
    After a bios update I have exactly the same problem you wrote
    I gave my Laptop to Acer in Austria and they told me that th
    motherboard is broken and it costs Euro 800,-- to fix that. So I a
    also looking for any information to make a crisis Bios update like i
    is described from "Guest" on the Dec 29 2005. Knows anybod
    where to find the files buildrim.bat and bflashit.bin
    Thanks in advance
    buddy31, Jan 15, 2006
  10. Forum

    Forum Guest

    My computer was month old.
    I called the maintenace without telling them what happened...
    They changed my motherboard...
    And for now, i can't tell how to make a crisis bios update, considering,
    there is no diskette drive, and also, when the problem happends, there is no
    way to boot on any drive..
    My problem is solved, luckily free (waranty...)
    Try calling maintenance as i did
    Forum, Jan 16, 2006
  11. Forum

    joecrabtree Guest

    I had exactly the same problem with my aspire 1672wlmi. Can anybody
    tell me if there's a boot block jumper on this model? I took the
    keyboard off but couldn't manage to get the screen off to enable me to
    see the rest of the mainboard. When I switch it on I get 2 long beeps
    and one short. I've tried a samsung USB floppy drive with various
    versions of crisis recovery and bios files. The floppy light always
    goes on whether or not I press key combinations. It doesn't ever
    appear to read anything though and clearly isn't working. I have my
    fingers crossed that there's a jumper somewhere but I'm starting to
    think it's going to be a new mainboard job.

    joecrabtree, Feb 9, 2006
  12. Forum

    danhong81 Guest

    When it says "512k rom which matches your platform", what does i
    actually means?

    I have a TM 4152LMi, can you tell me which of the 512k rom matche

    And when I search the directory, it had a buildrom.bat instead of th
    buildrim.bat you all were talking about. Is it of any difference?

    the only rom files I see there are the dl00220a.rom and th
    dl00220d.rom. Any difference? Please advise. Thank you all very much..
    danhong81, Mar 8, 2006
  13. Forum


    Aug 13, 2006
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    I had a BIOS problem with Acer Aspire 1692 (complete blackout) after upgrading with wrong BIOS version via Windows upgrade program
    After searching the internet I manage to fix the problem

    The method and program to make a floppy drive image is found on hp forum page.

    To be able to start ACER in BIOS recovery mode, you need to use FN+Esc

    Correct BIOS version (.wph file) is found on ACER support side, in my case

    To determined which image is correct for the model

    It is necessary to use a USB floppy drive to fix this.

    Good luck...:)
    ---- palmig
    palmig, Aug 13, 2006
  14. Forum

    LinuxGuru Guest

    Firstly, Do not trust ACER Engineers - they have created a mess of the
    BIOS Flashing process, which doesn't ever work in Windows correctly.

    Acer Laptops have good hardware for reasonable cost, but Support is
    where they suck.

    Do not use the Windows BIOS version to make a BIOS Flash. I did the
    same mistake with my "new" Acer 4152 NCLI Laptop purchased
    in 2006 and when I asked for help from Acer support I realized I had
    to pay "phone consultancy charges" per 30 minutes.

    If you do not find a higher version of a BIOS then
    download a lower version of BIOS if your BIOS files are only
    "Windows". You need DOS BIOS Flash files for this process to
    work, so write mails to Acer if they don't have these DOS BIOS Flash
    files for your laptop online

    So, Always create a DOS Boot Floppy and then Flash the BIOS, its
    simpler and saves you headaches later.

    Anyways, this was not the first episode with my ACER Laptop- I had
    Windows XP not booting up or "hanging" on boot up, so I
    decided to move to Linux - PCLinux 2007 which is a far better O/s. You
    can read all about my Acer Adventure and PC Linux 2007 recovery on my
    blog .

    Ok, here is the step by step instruction since I faced the same
    problem and I have fixed it - easily to my surprise.

    *Get an External USB Floppy Drive

    *Create a DOS Bootable Floppy Disk
    (using Win XP from Format Menu, you can also go to any of the
    disk recovery sites and get a dos bootable ISO and write that ISO to a
    CD and then boot the CD and then make a bootable Floppy)

    *Go to the Acer Europe web-site or choose region as Europe from ( .

    *Download the latest BIOS zip file for your model or the closest model
    (Example: If you have an Acer 4152 model laptop, you should choose
    travelmate_4150) . From the bios directory, download the latest BIOS
    zip file, in which you will find a readme.txt Example for 4150 the
    latest BIOS version is 2.50D.

    *You have to be lucky to find the following line in your readme.txt
    "Using Crisis"

    *If you find the above line in your readme.txt, you can proceed with
    the recovery, since you have a DOS floppy and you also have a way to
    create the 512K ROM file which can be copied along with bflashit.bin
    on the Floppy.

    *Now when you have downloaded the zip - sometimes there are two
    versions as for 4150 model - and

    *Do not use the Windows version to make a BIOS Flash. I did the same
    mistake. Always create a DOS Boot Floppy and then Flash the BIOS, its
    simpler and saves you headaches later.

    *Unzip the file and then you will see a file that
    resembles the name BUILDROM.Bat or BUIDROM.bat (spelling mistakes are
    common with ACER)

    *Open a DOS command prompt on your Windows machine or other laptop and
    then run the batch file

    *You would have created 6 ROM files of 512K length each -
    43M.ROM,44MV.ROM, UMA.ROM and their corresponding DOCK versions - i.e.
    43Mdock.ROM and so on.

    *Now you have to copy bflashit.bin and one of the above ROM files onto
    the DOS Bootable floppy you have created.

    The process is trial and error and there is no harm done at all.

    *I tried without the DOCK versions and when I tried by renaming
    UMA.ROM to BIOS.ROM as the first readme.txt said, and copying that to
    the Floppy it worked like magic.

    *Take the floppy and connect the external USB Floppy Drive to the
    "Dead screen Acer Laptop", No need of removing any battery
    or any screws from the laptop,

    *Just press Fn and ESC keys together on the "dead screen
    laptop" and press the power button (making sure that the laptop
    is on AC power - since if the power in your laptop fails during the
    BIOS Flash, then you may need to replace the BIOS Chip - which is a
    sad process.)

    *After you have pressed the power button on your "dead screen
    laptop", keep the hold on the Fn and ESC key till you see the
    green light on your External Floppy Drive with your DOS Bootable Flash
    floppy being read inside.

    *This is a good sign and you can now release the Fn and ESC keys and
    just watch the laptop slowly reading in the Flash from your Floppy and
    "Burning"/writing the new flash software into the Flash
    EEPROM chip.

    *Keep the laptop for 2 minutes as it is and you will see the hard disc
    power light go off and the laptop only showing the AC/Battery light -
    meaning the laptop has now powered down.

    *IF ALL is WELL with the .ROM file you selected then you shall see the
    BIOS screen as soon as you press the Power Button on your "new
    ALIVE screen Acer Laptop"

    All the BEST and keep trying all the 6 files (maybe 6 files are an
    example for 4150) - similar process should exist for all the
    "new" ACER model laptops.

    All about Technology
    LinuxGuru, May 23, 2007
  15. Amen brother!!! You told it the way it is!!!

    Dudley Pumperdinkel, May 24, 2007
  16. Forum


    Jun 18, 2007
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    i tried the procedure however the buildrom.bat is not creating rom. files .:eek: can any one help pls provide the buildrom.bat n also the way to create rom. files pls thanks
    Azzlova, Jun 19, 2007
  17. Forum


    Aug 9, 2007
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    anyone knows if this will work on a acer aspire 1652LMi?
    I accidentally installed the acer aspire 1650Z bios instead of the 1650 bios and now i only get the dead screen.
    both the bios files (1650Z and 1650) have:
    1 program to flash in windows
    1 program to flash in DOS
    1 bios to install if you have an ATI graphics card
    1 bios to install if you have an Intel graphics card

    by the way both bios are in .wph... where is the .bat and .rom???

    someone help plz!!!
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2007
    Jahguleth, Aug 9, 2007
  18. Forum


    Aug 16, 2007
    Likes Received:

    oh thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

    Widowmaker, Aug 16, 2007
  19. Forum


    Sep 23, 2007
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    Have a crisis disk for acer travelmate 8215 (8210)

    Hi guys,

    I had the same problem with bios update. Now I have crisis disk for Acer TM 8210 (8215) which works. I can send it to anybody who needs it. Please, feel free to request it: , my name is Nick Fisher
    jackpot, Sep 23, 2007
  20. Forum


    Oct 5, 2007
    Likes Received:
    please email me at jupiterssj4 [at] excite [dot] com with the files and direction. I have a 8210 that died while flashing bios.
    JupiterSSJ4, Oct 5, 2007
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