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Acer TM803 / Samsung X10 / other suggestions?

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by News.cis, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. News.cis

    News.cis Guest

    I am currently choosing a new laptop. Probable favourite is the Acer TM803.
    However, there are a few issues that I am concerned about:

    - Reported flickering on screen when using lots of power (e.g. burning CDs)
    - Reported blurred output on external monitor (does anyone know if this
    problem also applies to TV-out)

    Can anyone shed any further light on possible fixes of these by Acer, and
    how bad they are in normal use (other than what has been reported on this
    newsgroup in the past)

    The computer will be used for a variety of uses including:

    - occasional video editing
    - watching dvds (both on the laptop screen and on a TV using TV-out)
    - photoshop
    - web design
    - general (not very demanding) office use

    It will not be used for playing games so 3D performance is not really an
    issue. I will be carrying it around a fair amount and so weight is
    important to me as are battery life and build quality. I would rather have
    a lighter computer and would definitely settle for a 14" screen rather than
    the 15" one of the Acer, however the Acer's battery life, connectivity and
    superior storage are what is making me inclined to go for it (Here in
    France, I can get the Acer 803 with a 60GB hard drive and DVDRW for about
    2100 Euros). I don't feel that I need the fastest processor, and would
    settle for a 1.5 or even 1.4 if the rest of the machine met my requirements.
    I would also settle for one without built-in optical drive if it would keep
    the weight down, then I could get an external one and take it with me on
    trips when I would need it.

    From what I have gathered on this newsgroup as well as the whatlaptop.co.uk
    forum, the Acer would be more likely to be reliable and have better build
    quality than the Samsung - is this correct or does anyone have experience
    otherwise? I am slightly put off the Samsung because of reports that
    recently shipped models have the fan always on when on AC power.

    Can anyone suggest any other alternatives that I could check out further -
    must have:

    - Firewire
    - TV-out
    - Infra-Red
    - 40GB HDD minimum
    - 512 MB RAM
    - Pentium M 1.4 or faster
    - Decent battery life
    - 13.3" display or larger - should be reasonably good (i.e. not too dim for
    outdoor use)

    Also, not essential, but it would be nice if it had:

    - More than 2 x USB
    - Bluetooth
    - Wi-Fi (I have mostly been looking at Centrinos anyway, but this is not
    actually essential for me)
    - DVDRW

    Budget is around £1500 tops. I have looked briefly at Sony Z1SP and like
    the size and most of the Specs but it doesn't have TV-out (does it?) and is

    Thanks for any help and advice,
    News.cis, Sep 18, 2003
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