Acer travelmate 290

Discussion in 'Acer' started by Craig, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. Craig

    Craig Guest


    Does anybody know how I can obtain (preferably D/L) the restore disks for
    the Acer 291 xci laptop ?

    (bought the laptop second hand without the disks)


    Craig, Mar 28, 2005
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  2. Ask an Acer dealer for help.
    Robert Riebisch, Mar 29, 2005
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  3. Craig

    Pierre Guest

    Just check the acer ftp server for all the files, driver & software you

    Good luck,

    Pierre, Mar 30, 2005
  4. /I/ don't need these drivers!

    And he probably talks about the Windows XP recovery CDs. You can't
    download that from Acer.
    Robert Riebisch, Mar 31, 2005
  5. Craig

    Craig Guest

    Thanks for your comments guys, im really after the both the xp recovery disk
    and driver disks for the laptop (the xp licence is on the bottom of the
    laptop so in theory I have paid for it already). Acer have quoted £50 to
    replace (seems alot for the software already installed on the machine), I
    just wanted to see if I could do better (or free) before I take the plunge.

    I was hoping to find a friendly co user who would copy the disks for me.

    Many thanks for your help

    Craig, Mar 31, 2005
  6. £50 for replacement CDs? In Germany or Austria it's max. 10 EUR
    including shipping!
    Robert Riebisch, Apr 1, 2005
  7. Craig

    Pierre Guest

    Just ask a friend or neighbour or someone from work for a copy of XP and
    download the drivers from the acer site and you should get your laptop in
    the original state.

    Good luck,


    Pierre, Apr 1, 2005
  8. Craig

    PIPEX NEWS Guest

    Yes im afraid it is £50, a case of rip off UK again !

    Thanks Guys

    PIPEX NEWS, Apr 1, 2005
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