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    Hi there I have also been a victim of Acers very bad Customer Service and I'll tell you why. A currier picked up my Laptop from my home on the 20th January. It took over 3 weeks for Acer's Billing Dept ( a separate entity) to contact me with the cost. Now each week before I got the 'Performa Quatation' I rang the Acer number which in fact is a Call Centre (Another outsource) and was told on each occasion that parts had been ordered. After quoting my reference number I was assured that this matter was being 'escalated'. Hello? I was told the same thing everytime I rang. Still I heard nothing in these 3 weeks from them even though they have my email address and mobile number. Not a whisper. Nothing by email letting me know the postion during the 4 weeks I have been waiting now.
    I have paid by Bank Transfer....and only when I requested from the Billing Co the iBAN number and the Swift Code. Without these 2 numbers its impossible to make transaction. Didnt tell me that when I rang them. The guy wasnt sure which was which. I then had to phone my bank to fund out. Now you would certainly think that they would have known this. So I made the transaction to their Billing co in Pymouth. The guy there was also quite pleasant to speak to on the phone. But this co do not acknowledge your payment at least not by email. So unless you hear from them by post and this could be weeks later if at all you wont have any idea whether or not they have received the payment. Unbelievable in this day and age isnt it? One has to ring the Call Centre to get thu to their Billing Dept ok as you are not provided with their number. I did this and asked them, the Billing Dept, sorry if its slightly confusing, did they receive my bank transfer and was then asked for a bank reference so THEY could check. No, he couldnt find it under the Acer ref I had given or even under my personal details. Then I was told that this would have to put to the manager and it would take 24 hours to have a confirmation on my payment. Would you believe it? And even at this stage and after all this time with the cost of the repair being made I am STILL being told that the parts have to be ordered from HOLLAND, not even TIMBUCKTOO! Isnt it just appalling? All these calls. The guy from the accounts said that he would update me on the repair situation which was nice of him but I ask myself in all we're talking about 3 separate businesses interlinked No one can actually give you a phone number of the actual Repair Centre. The Repair Centre that my lap top has been sent to is in 'Infoteam International Services' Newtownards Nt Ireland. It would be great to to ring and find out from them how my laptop is coming along and when I can expect it..NORMAL?.so as I can be there when it arrives. No, its this big mystery and we are all all left making calls being told they are waiting on parts etc and left feeling totally left laced bt Acer. Again, I say this is so bad Acer.... if youve managed to read through all of this perhaps you can relate and even help..? Plz tell. Kieran
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    Kieran, Feb 23, 2011
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