Adapter for mobo front panel pins to case cables

Discussion in 'Motherboard General Discussion' started by Icarus16, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Icarus16


    Apr 19, 2020
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    I bought M5A78L-M/ PLUS /USB3 mobo a few years ago Recently it died and I have just bought a like for like replacement. I don't normally use a PC now but need this to eidt/print large (A2) photos so wanted a quick fix.
    Everything is fine except the original board came with an adapter (see pics) witch enabled easy connection of the pins to the case.cables
    The new mobo has slightly different pin layout and the adapter doesn't fit.
    Is there available a new adpter which will do the job?

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    Icarus16, Apr 19, 2020
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