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Adding a second hard disk to a DELL Dimension L600cx

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Francois Chausson, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. I had added a second hard disk (capacity=6Gb) to this micro in the
    past with no trouble; I then had to replace it.

    I am now trying to add a Maxtor 40Gb as a second hard disk, putting it
    outside my micro into an extractible drawer.

    I set up the jumpers, Master on the first disk (hooked to the
    intermediate connector), nothing on the new disk (hooked on the
    terminal connector to have it outside).

    Facts were:
    - BIOS does not "see" either of the 2 disks
    - the system is awfully long to start WMe on the original disk
    - the Maxblast Windows software allowed me to get the second disk
    recognized for a period of time, does not "see" it anymore after I
    tried to use the Capacity limit jumper on the new disk (40Gb too

    During the period of time when the second disk was recognized, the
    micro used to reboot itself when I was getting to run some
    not-to-extended copy operation between C: and D:, reason why I tried
    the capacity limit jumper.

    The end result at the time is that my system is long to start and the
    second disk is not recognized.

    - anyone knows a way to get this second disk to run?
    - anyone knows how to speed up the start?
    - anyone has an idea wether a 40Gb disk might be too large for a Dell
    Dimension running WMe?

    All suggestions are welcome.
    Francois Chausson, Dec 9, 2003
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