Adding CPU and Memory to X9DRFF-i/7(T)+

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    Sep 25, 2018
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    Hi all,

    I have a pool of 16 SM X9DRFF-i/7(T)+ motherboards to activate. I am deploying 2 CPUs (Intel E5-2630 V2) and 4 memory modules (Samsung 16GB DDR-3 1600 Reg ECC) per server node which were vetted by Super Micro and our vendor.. Out of the 16 server nodes, I was successful on only 11. The most common error is at boot, of type BA, when tested memory modules are placed in positions P2-DIMME1 and P2-DIMMF1 associated with CPU2. The 4 modules will work on bank 1, in positions P1-DIMMA1, P1-DIMMB1, P1-DIMMC1 and P1-DIMMD1, but the server will not boot when they are placed in their correct position which is P1-DIMMA1, P1-DIMMB1, and P2-DIMME1 and P2-DIMMF1.
    Does anyone have a similar experience?

    Side note. All 11 successful server nodes are configured in the exact manner with memory modules P1-DIMMA1, P1-DIMMB1, and P2-DIMME1 and P2-DIMMF1.
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    N@VSL, Sep 25, 2018
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