Address Book's "sort" is for the birds

Discussion in 'Apple' started by nosredna, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. nosredna

    nosredna Guest

    I might have to give up on Address Book (and therefore Mail) and go back
    to Eudora. What good is an address book that won't sort alphabetically?
    When I tell it (in Preferences) to sort by Last Name, it sorts by First
    Name, so I have to set it backwards. And the list doesn't stay sorted.
    When I see that it's out of order and tell it to sort by First [really
    Last] Name, it sometimes sorts some names and not others. I don't have
    first and last switched in the card template, either. Each last name is
    entered in the Last Name field and each first name is entered in the
    First Name field. Anyone else had this problem with Address Book?
    nosredna, Feb 17, 2005
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  2. nosredna

    mr3putt Guest

    Are you absolutely SURE that your preferences are set properly?

    The first setting in preferences is "Display Order: First Name Last
    Name, or Last Name First Name"... which is NOT the same as the SORT
    order. Setting the DISPLAY ORDER changes between "Owens, Jesse" and
    "Jesse Owens" on each RECORD... it doesn't affect the order of items
    within your list.

    The SORT BY selection is the SECOND item on the Preferences screen.

    I'm just double-checking to make sure... because my Address Book works
    just fine.
    mr3putt, Feb 17, 2005
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  3. nosredna

    nosredna Guest

    Yes, I'm sure. I just checked it again. I set it to display last name
    first and to sort by last name. The last names then do not sort
    alphabetically. I also noticed that, once in a while, in Mail, the
    default email program reverts to Eudora. Someone said that can happen
    after you update the system, and it did happen after I upgraded to
    10.3.8. But I reset the mail preference and a few days later it was back
    on Eudora.
    nosredna, Feb 17, 2005
  4. nosredna

    Adrian Guest

    Sorry if this mis obvious, but have you also set the display order the
    right way round as well as setting the sort? The Address Book sorts
    correctly for me (though in general, I must say, I find it less than
    user friendly). It is surprising that an application with such a simple
    aim in life actually requires you to spend time learning how to use it!
    I have to admit I was quite confused initially when accessing the
    Address section from within Mail and not being able to freely change
    things without having to separately open and change things in the
    Address Book.
    Adrian, Feb 17, 2005
  5. nosredna

    nosredna Guest

    Yes, the obvious thing, to me, would be to display by last name, which I
    did initially. It didn't work, so I told it to display by first name,
    and it proceeded to display by last name! However, just now, when I told
    it to display by last name, it obeyed my command. But it will not sort.
    I really want to like Mail, but Eudora is much more intuitive, IMO.
    nosredna, Feb 17, 2005
  6. nosredna

    Adrian Guest

    That's the problem. Once you change the display to show last name first
    you have effectively reversed how the sort will then work ... because
    you now have the first names in the last names position. So presumably
    if you then change the sort to First names (which are now the surnames)
    it does what you want ...
    Adrian, Feb 17, 2005
  7. nosredna

    nosredna Guest

    I don't think you understand. No matter how I set it to display (First
    Name or Last Name), it doesn't sort alphabetically. For instance, it'll
    list names like this if I tell to display by last name and sort by last
    That's not alphabetical! IMO, Mail should allow the user to change the
    sort order from the Address Book window, and not have to go to
    Preferences. Sometimes you might want to see the First Names
    alphabetically, and other times the Last Names. In Eudora's address
    book, there's a drop-down list called "View By." You can very quickly
    change it to First, Last, Nickname, email address, City, State, etc.,
    etc., without going to the Eudora Settings.
    nosredna, Feb 17, 2005
  8. nosredna

    Adrian Guest

    Then you appear to have a problem with your particular setup ... perhaps
    a damaged prefs file? I agree that there are many aspects of Address
    Book and the Mail subsidiary Address Panel which leave a lot to be
    Adrian, Feb 18, 2005
  9. nosredna

    Robert Guest

    I noticed when you sort by last name and you have only a first name,
    address book will use the first name for sorting. I noticed that it is
    difficult to figure out what field you have entered the information into
    in address book. I put in a middle initial but address book has no
    middle initial so I got the middle initial in the last name field and so
    the sort was confusing.

    When you change your preferences in the address book they do not seem to
    be reflected in mail until you quit and restart mail.

    The sort is confusing because when you sort by last name you still get a
    display of first name then last name.

    Address book is all to complicated.

    Thanks. For the first time, I the person's first name then last name
    appearing in my mail.

    Robert, Feb 18, 2005
  10. You can add a "middle name" field to the layout. Go to Preferences >
    Template > Add Field > Middle Name. It'll only appear on the card if
    it's not empty.


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    jere7my tho?rpe, Feb 18, 2005
  11. nosredna

    Tim Murray Guest

    Yes it does. You add it via Card > Add Field > Middle Name.
    Tim Murray, Feb 19, 2005
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