Administrator Password?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Sherrie, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. Sherrie

    Sherrie Guest

    A friend of mine just bought a used Dell Latitude and I'm installing
    the operating system for her. It's supposed to boot to the 'C' prompt
    but instead it boots to the administrator password page. How do I get
    past this. I have no idea what the password is or how to reset it.

    Sherrie, Nov 28, 2003
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  2. Sherrie

    Bob Rekieta Guest

    The easiest thing to do is contact the previous owner and ask him/her what
    the password was.
    Bob Rekieta, Nov 28, 2003
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  3. Sherrie

    Sherrie Guest

    She bought this from and one of the options is to
    get it without the operating system and install your own. I bought
    one two months ago but had him install the operating system. I
    emailed tech support and called and left a message because after
    reading the Dell forum I decided they wouldn't be any help. He sells
    these systems regularly so hopefully I will hear something soon. I
    was just hoping there was an easy fix.
    Sherrie, Nov 28, 2003
  4. Sherrie

    Steve B. Guest

    Installing the operating system how? And with what medium? Assuming you
    have the xp cd, set the bios to boot from the cdrom drive, insert the xp cd,
    and let it boot. Watch for the prompt to hit any key to boot from the cd.

    Steve B., Nov 28, 2003
  5. If they don't know the administrator password, send the system back.
    Effectively, unless the original owner
    can be reached and ownership transferred, it's a paperweight - Dell will not
    unlock a system without verification of ownership.
    Edward J. Neth, Nov 28, 2003
  6. Sherrie

    Sherrie Guest

    It won't let me in setup. When it starts booting and says to hit F2
    for Setup, I do F2 and still get the white page requesting that I
    enter the Primary or Administrative password. I want to install XP
    and the CDrom is reading the disk but won't launch it until I enter
    the password. The dealer that sells the systems sells off-lease
    laptops and will install the operating system for X amount or you can
    install your own at the C prompt, if I could get to the C prompt.
    Surely he has passwords for these things because this is his business.
    They come with a warranty so if there is no password it's going back.
    Sherrie, Nov 28, 2003
  7. Sherrie

    Joan Guest

    If you should have to send the PC back, try Dell's refurbished systems.
    I have purchased 4 of them through the years. Dell treats their
    refurbished systems like the new systems, except you only have 14 days
    to return it instead of thirty. You can also purchase the same length
    warranties as the new ones. Check it out.

    Joan, Nov 28, 2003
  8. Sherrie

    Steve B. Guest

    This is a new one for me, Edward. Do you mean that Dell can lock a system
    in such a way that it cannot be booted by a winxp installation cd?


    Steve B., Nov 28, 2003
  9. Sherrie

    Tom Scales Guest

    Absolutely. It's the SYSTEM password, not the Operating system password.
    The only way to get past it is proof of ownership and a call to Dell. To do
    that, the original owner has to have transferred the ownership to you with

    Return it.
    Tom Scales, Nov 28, 2003
  10. With a notebook, yes. There are two possible levels of notebook
    protection - a CMOS power on password, which is stored in a chip on the
    mainboard, and a hard drive password, which is stored on the hard drive
    itself in an area inaccessible to the user or operating system.

    If you lose the admin CMOS password on a Dell notebook, Dell can regenerate
    a master bypass password for you - IF you can prove ownership. If you
    cannot, they will not assist you - the password is an antitheft measure that
    protects the buyer.

    If you lose the hard drive password, you're pretty much out of luck unless
    you send the drive off to a specialist that can remove it - it can be done,
    but usually winds up costing more than a replacement hard drive would.
    Edward J. Neth, Nov 28, 2003
  11. Sherrie

    Sherrie Guest

    I think we had a false alarm. The lady that bought the laptop called
    this morning and said that her husband's kids opened the computer when
    it arrived and put a password in when the screen said hit F2. She
    told me the password and it's installing the operating system right

    My next question is, can I remove this password in Setup? It has to
    be entered every time the system boots up and she doesn't need that.
    Thanks for all the help!
    Sherrie, Nov 28, 2003
  12. Sherrie

    Bob Rekieta Guest

    Go into the BIOS at startup time. There should be an option to change/remove
    the password.
    Bob Rekieta, Nov 28, 2003
  13. Sherrie

    Gus Guest

    3 levels on my ThinkPad:

    1. power ON PW
    2. HDD PW
    3. supervisor PW - this keeps people from making unauthorized changes to
    the BIOS, fiddling with IBM's Client Security System, etc.
    Gus, Nov 28, 2003
  14. Sherrie

    Sherrie Guest

    Thanks, got it! Those kids had put the password on the Primary,
    Administrative and HDD. I got all three deleted and now it's booting
    up like it's supposed to. What a mess!
    Sherrie, Nov 28, 2003
  15. Sherrie

    PC Gladiator Guest

    Now put a lock on the kids... ;-)

    PC Gladiator, Nov 28, 2003
  16. Sherrie

    Sherrie Guest

    LOL, I'm going to tell her that if they bother it anymore that I will
    put the password back on so that it won't boot up without it. That
    would be a PITA for her but would definitely keep it running and make
    less work for me. Her desktop is so messed up that she can't use it.
    I worked on it a whole weekend and it didn't take a week for them to
    destroy it. I plan to lecture her about how dangerous it is to let
    kids play in the Setup/Bios. :)
    Sherrie, Nov 28, 2003
  17. You might want to set an administrator password and keep it safe, so that no
    one can come along and set a power on or hard drive password later on -
    it's a good safety measure.
    Edward J. Neth, Nov 28, 2003
  18. Sherrie

    Sherrie Guest

    Would that let it boot up without entering a password? I would like
    to block them from the Setup but not fix it where she has to enter a
    password every time she boots up. I want her to have full
    functionality without entering a password but fix it where nobody
    except me can get into the setup. As you guessed, she knows nothing
    at all about computers. I'm not comfortable in Setup and I've been
    messing with them for years. That's a place even I like to stay out
    of so I don't have a lot of experience with Setup. If those kids get
    in Setup and put a password in and won't tell us what it is, we're in
    BIG trouble.
    Sherrie, Nov 28, 2003
  19. Sherrie

    Sherrie Guest

    I'll do it then. Thanks for all the help everybody!
    Sherrie, Nov 28, 2003
  20. Yes. The administrator password is only required to make changes to the
    BIOS setup itself.
    Edward J. Neth, Nov 28, 2003
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