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ADV: Summer Special -- Server Loading Bundle

Discussion in 'Intel' started by SR, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. SR

    SR Guest

    Hot Summer Special -- Server Loading Bundle

    Great Summer Deal on eValid Server Loading Bundle

    Get your server load testing work done quickly and accurately with
    the most realistic server loading capability ever created -- test
    sessions with multiple eValid full-browser playbacks. For a limited
    time only you can have a complete eValid Server Loading Bundle on a
    special 90-day license -- project oriented and budget protecting --
    only $2,995. That's 50% off the full price! This special pricing
    will give you faster time to value and the opportunity to dig into
    the deep pockets of eValid's benefits.


    eValid features full browsers so there are no virtual users! You can
    have total confidence that the load you impose on your servers
    really is what your users impose. There's no fooling around with
    simulations and approximations with eValid.

    What's more, included in the short-term license you also get a 7-day
    eValid infinite user key. Test scenarios you develop on your main
    driver machine can be spread across every machine in your enterprise
    using a special 7-day key. You can run loading experiments that
    involve an unlimited number of simultaneous playbacks!


    The eValid Server Loading Bundle includes all of this:

    o Full professional level record play capability. Your functional
    tests can be as deep and complex as you like.
    o Full data-driven test support. LoadTest capability with real
    time monitor and result charts.
    o Thin playback-only browser to minimize RAM requirement.
    o Unlimited users on your test machine.
    o Short term infinite user license -- good for 7 days, you can run
    your load test scenario on as many machines as you like.
    o Purchase with a credit card and we'll include a second 7-day
    infinite user license at no extra cost.

    Offer Details

    Offer expires 15 August 2003. New customers only. Credit card
    (MasterCard/Visa) transaction required for extra 7-day infinite user
    key. Infinite use keys may be used any time within the 90-day
    license period. Additional restrictions may apply. Contact
    to place your order or to get details.

    eValid Division
    Software Research, Inc.
    1663 Mission Street, Suite 400
    San Francisco, CA 94103 USA

    Phone: +1 (415) 861-2800
    FAX: +1 (415) 861-9801
    SR, Jul 23, 2003
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