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Advice needed on new card for widescreen HDTV & DVD out

Discussion in 'ATI' started by McQualude, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. McQualude

    McQualude Guest

    I currently have a Geforce Ti4200 which I am mostly happy with but it
    doesn't support widescreen tv out, only 4:3.

    My priorities for the new card would be:
    1: High Quality HDTV/DVD widescreen out, so component or DVI out
    [I think ATI makes an adaptor for this]
    2: Price
    3: Gaming

    My rig is a Dell Optiplex, P4 2.43 Ghz, 512MB RAM...

    I currently have no problems playing HD, even 1080i plays smoothly, but it
    only outputs at fullscreen which forces me to zoom it up on my HDTV which
    doesn't look very good.
    McQualude, Feb 21, 2004
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  2. McQualude

    J. Clarke Guest

    J. Clarke, Feb 22, 2004
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  3. McQualude

    McQualude Guest

    The card doesn't support widescreen out, no software program is going to
    change that.
    McQualude, Feb 23, 2004
  4. McQualude

    J. Clarke Guest

    So you've tried setting it to 1920x1080 or whatever the particular display
    is using?
    J. Clarke, Feb 23, 2004
  5. McQualude

    McQualude Guest

    Yes, it won't allow me to set it at that resolution because my monitor
    doesn't support it. Once I switch to TV mode, it doesn't allow me to go
    over 1024x768 @ 60hz. The drivers have no support for HDTV resolutions in
    TV mode. It would be nice if there were options other than NTSC and PAL.

    Every resolution I've tried, including derivatives of 1920x1080 & 1280x720
    output in letterbox. If there is a way for Powerstrip to make it work, I'm
    all ears [or eyes, as it were].
    McQualude, Feb 24, 2004
  6. McQualude

    J. Clarke Guest

    Just to be sure we're on the same wavelength, are you using DVI, Component,
    S-Video, or Composite video? If you're using DVI or Component you should
    be able to get the wide screen modes--if you're using S-Video or Composite
    there are no wide-screen modes defined in the standard--to get wide screen
    displays via those connections you have to generate an anamorphic or
    letterboxed image and then have the TV scale it to full screen if it can.
    You may need a transcoder to get from VGA to component if your board
    doesn't have DVI or your set won't take DVI from your board (some sets are
    picky that way).

    The only way that a new board is going to help you is if you get one that
    can output component video with a cheap dongle instead of a transcoder--a
    transcoder goes for $100-150, a board with the same performance as your
    Ti4200 that also does component video with a dongle will cost about the
    same plus another 30 bucks or so for the dongle.
    J. Clarke, Feb 24, 2004
  7. McQualude

    McQualude Guest

    Which leaves us at my original question...
    McQualude, Feb 25, 2004
  8. McQualude

    J. Clarke Guest

    And my original answer. Powerstrip doesn't cost anything except the
    download time as long as you're willing to put up with about a 15 second
    nag screen at bootup. Give it a try. If it doesn't work in your
    particular circumstances, _then_ worry about a new board. Whatever board
    you have you're probably going to end up using Powerstrip to set the
    correct resolution, so you may as well try it with the board you have

    If you're bound and determined to get a new board specifically to support
    HDTV then get a Radeon 9600 or 9800 and then send ATI the 30 bucks for the
    component dongle. And download Powerstrip--you're still going to need it.
    J. Clarke, Feb 25, 2004
  9. McQualude

    McQualude Guest

    I don't know how many ways to tell you, Powerstrip did nothing to solve
    the problem and actually caused my TV output to be off center. It's what I
    said in the beginning, no software can give a video card widescreen
    support if the hardware doesn't support it.
    If I still need Powerstrip, then those cards do not support HDTV output.
    Basically, you don't know shit.
    McQualude, Feb 26, 2004
  10. McQualude

    J. Clarke Guest

    Powerstrip has numerous adjustments--if your output was off-center then you
    needed to make the appropriate adjustments. The learning curve for
    Powerstrip is not low.
    Fine, figure it out for yourself. Mine's working, yours isn't, so I'm going
    to go watch HDTV.
    J. Clarke, Feb 26, 2004
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