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AIW 128 Pro AGP TV Application Failed to Initialize the Capture device The TV Player failed to initi

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Tony Girgenti, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. In the name of Gods green earth I pray there is a video ATI guru out
    there whom can please help me with this dilema. I have an ATI All in
    wonder 128 pro agp video card in my system the MMC ver 7.5 has worked
    and I have captured video with it in the past. I changed Mortherboards
    8 weeks ago and I have been unable to do anything with my ATI card
    since. It displays video awesome and everything with the exception of
    the TV tuner works great. I continue to get the errors: TV
    Application Failed to Initialize the Capture device then it says The
    TV Player failed to initialize the Video. I have uninstalled
    everything ATI drivers then MMC7.5 then installed DirectX I believe at
    one time I may have installed direct X 9. I have installed DX 8
    several times. But everytime I reinstall the drivers then MMC 7.5
    everything works with the exception of the TV tuner. The version of
    the video driver I am running is wmer1284137192 I am running win 98
    second edition plenty of Ram and CPU. I wish I could get this working
    again. Or is it just time to move up to the Radeon 9800? Please if
    there is a guru I would be ever endebted to you.

    Thank you for any help.

    Tony Girgenti, Apr 4, 2004
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  2. Tony Girgenti

    patrickp Guest

    Did you reinstall Windows with your new motherboard, Tony? Particularly if
    you've changed to a board with a different chipset, it's advisable to do so,
    even if it does mean a lot of hassle.

    At the very least you should remove the old chipset drivers (if they can be
    removed) and install appropriate new ones.

    While your card is an old one, and an upgrade might well be a good idea, I
    don't think it's the cause of your problem. You seem to be demonstrating a
    syndrome that's common with many people having problems: uninstalling and
    installing everything in sight. Even if you had managed to achieve your
    mobo change without messing up your system, your subsequent actions have
    probably made it essential that you do a full format and OS install.

    Broadly, format your drive, install the OS and chipset drivers, bearing in
    mind that if you have a VIA chipset, the newest Hyperion 4in1 drivers are
    not the most appropriate for W98SE. Then install DirectX - 8.1b should be
    fine if you're not using Catalyst drivers or MMC 8.x. However, it won't
    hurt to install DX 9.0b. Then install your display driver, remembering the
    capture driver if it's not included, but don't install MMC until you've
    installed your soundcard, and preferably other hardware, too.

    Incidentally, why don't you try MMC and DVD 7.6? Since your AIW 128
    Pro should have the Rage Theatre chip on it, that should work - some of the
    apps in it will actually install as 7.6, but it will upgrade the DVD player
    to 7.7, which is actually, as long as your CPU and mobo are up to it (and I
    presume that was why you upgraded?) a very good player. Not as fully
    featured as the 8.x ones, but superb picture and sound, particularly as
    compared to Ati's earlier ones. The 7.7 TV app is very nice, too.

    HTH patrickp
    patrickp, Apr 4, 2004
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  3. Tony Girgenti

    Morrmar Guest

    Did you reinstall Windows with your new motherboard, Tony?
    Particularly if
    idea, I

    If he's not a gamer, upgrading the card won't really get him anything
    special, especially in regards to TV capture, than he already has. I've
    got the exact same card in a 875P mobo and it works flawlessly.
    I agreee wholeheartedly.

    It seems that VIA chipsets are problamatic with a lot of h/w, and s/w
    for that matter. Hopefully, the OP doesn't have a VIA chipset based


    Unless he jumps through _extensive_ hoops, he won't get MMC 8.x to
    function on a 128 Pro. LordSmurf on dvdrhelp.com seems to do it but not
    many others. Other than Videosoap, it really doesn't offer much except
    for a number of presets that can be set manually with MMC 7.x. For 98SE,
    the latest MMC ATI officially supports is 7.2 but 7.7 works fine as well
    and is much preferred to earlier versions, regardless of OS

    I've never been enamoured with ATI's DVD player myself so I use the
    mmc7-7-0-1withoutdvd.exe. The 6624 capture app works for me but I'm
    running XP and I don't know whether it functions under 98SE. PowerDVD
    much more functional for my needs.

    To the OP,

    patrickp has given you valuable advice, even though you probably didn't
    want to hear it. With the multiple installs and un-installs with
    multiple drivers and other s/w, you're best bet and most likely the
    fastest process to get your card working is to format the hd, re-install
    98, install the 7192 driver, then MMC 7.7. You can find it here:


    Since you've upgraded the mobo, I'd think strongly about upgrading to
    XP. SE was probably the most bug-ridden version of Windows ever
    released, except for maybe 3.0.

    Good luck.
    Morrmar, Apr 4, 2004
  4. Tony Girgenti

    Kev Guest

    I'd disable C800 cache in the bios.

    I kinda like the 6292/mmc6.3 files.

    VFW support so i can capture with virtualdub no problem.
    Kev, Apr 4, 2004
  5. I love the idea of MMC 7.7 if I new where I could get a hold of it I
    would try that. But I hate the Idea of Fdisk and reload although I
    realize sometimes its the best choice I have so much loaded on this
    machine I would hate to have to reload everything. I may consider
    going to W2K if I was going to do that. Although that even scares me
    as this system is doing almost everything I need right now just fine
    But I would like to do more video apps so please advise and I will go
    in that direction.

    Thanks for the help this board is awesome

    Tony Girgenti, Apr 4, 2004
  6. I am running an Abit IT7 Mobo with Raid and onboard VIA Chipset VT6202
    I do notice now that I have an explanation point in device manager
    under sound video gamecontrollers and the yellow point is on the ATI
    Multimedia video driver. It says that The MMDEVLDR.VXD device loader
    for this device could not load the device driver (Code 2)I have the
    original ATI cd with the drivers on it and also the updated driver
    wmer1284137192.exe I am not sure what to do but I would love to get
    this working again any help is appreciated.

    Tony Girgenti, Apr 5, 2004
  7. Tony Girgenti

    JAD Guest

    remove the drivers and MMC from add / remove in control panel and do a

    JAD, Apr 5, 2004
  8. Tony Girgenti

    patrickp Guest

    Go to http://www.ati.com/support/driver.html, Tony, select your OS and
    either Graphic Driver or Multimedia Center. Then select any of the Radeon
    (don't worry about it being Radeon. If you have the Rage Theatre chip on
    your card, which you should if it's an AIW 128 Pro, any MMC 7.x should work
    with it.) entries and click the Go button.

    Scroll down the page and click the Previous Software Versions or Previous
    Driver versions. Now scroll well down , to Catalyst 3.1 or earlier, and
    you'll see MMC in the right hand column. DVD player 7.6 is also
    there - if you want to use that, install it first (you'll need an Ati CD to
    validate your install), then install MMC, which will update DVD 7.6
    to 7.7.

    I'm don't know about the Catalyst drivers (I suspect they wouldn't work),
    but I think some of the earliest Radeon drivers, at the bottom of the page,
    used to work with my AIW 128 Pro. I'm not sure of that, though, it was a
    few years ago.

    patrickp, Apr 5, 2004
  9. Is the 6292/mmc6.3 the original ones on the cd from ATI?
    Could someone please give me some concise steps to fol;low to try and
    get this working I have added and removed and done repairs many times.
    Rebooting every time. I think we are very close because I can
    configure the dvd player. But I DO NOT have a dvd player on this
    machine. I just want to capture video from my camera and TV. Thanks

    Tony Girgenti, Apr 5, 2004
  10. Patrick I have tried all of these things I get everything working but
    they say I do not have a Radeon clas card although this card was used
    to capture video and TV stations all of the ones on the cable
    network. I uninstalled the 7.7 now everything works but the failed to
    initialize still comes up and the TV will not work. Help please before
    I blow this thing and evrything ATI up. I could this be one of those
    things where I have to rempove anything ati from the entire registry.
    then reload.

    Help Please

    Tony Girgenti, Apr 6, 2004
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