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AIW 2006 PCIe & MMC 9.16 "unable to start TV"

Discussion in 'ATI' started by hexHead®, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. hexHead®

    hexHead® Guest

    Running an AIW 2006 PCI Express card with TV Tuner on XP SP2.

    I recently had to reformat and reinstall XP due to OS issues (stupid
    MS) and at that point everything was working fine, including being
    able to watch TV on the AIW using MMC 9.16 & the Catalyst 7.10 set.

    I don't watch a lot of TV so I can't really be sure when it quit
    working, but now whenever I launch the TV app, I get the "Unable to
    start TV" error.

    "The TV player failed to initialize. Check the Windows Device Manager
    and ensure that the correct video driver has been installed and is
    working properly before attempting to restart TV."
    .... which is absolutely NO help whatsoever.

    It WAS working about 2 weeks ago, and I can't see that ANYthing was
    done between now and then that would have broken it.

    I google'd this and found little helpful info.

    Things already tried:
    - made sure my mobo (Gigabyte) had the latest chipset drivers
    installed - AGP, GART
    - checked to make sure the ATI T200 Unified AVStream Driver was
    loading and working, it is.
    - completely removed all ATI software via AtiCimUn.exe, rebooted
    - Ran Driver Cleaner afterwards, rebooted, ran it again.
    - Ran Window Washer, cleaned out all temp files and leftover junk -
    did a manual "hunt-n-peck" thru the registry to make sure ATI was
    - Reinstalled latest Catalyst drivers, and all MMC files. - Nothing.

    - Repeated all the steps listed above but instead, dropped back to the
    drivers and MMC version (9.08) that came on the original CD with the
    card - Still nothing.

    Everything else in MMC works (FM, etc.) but not the TV.

    Anybody have a clue?
    hexHead®, Dec 1, 2007
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  2. hexHead®

    T Shadow Guest

    9.08 came out before the Unified driver. If your card doesn't require it I'd
    try the older WDM drivers. IIRC the Cat6.2 or possibly 6.3 was the last to
    have them.

    Check the AMD.ATI site directly for your error message.

    Sounds like your doing everything suggested on the ati.com/install page and
    more so it may be time to fill out a ticket. Site seems to be down for
    maintenance. Never seen that before let alone on a Sat night.
    T Shadow, Dec 2, 2007
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