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AIW 7500 Recording Audio= VERY Low Volume

Discussion in 'ATI' started by nobody, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. nobody

    nobody Guest

    I am using a AIW 7500 AGP with an internal audio connector. The AIW
    is connected to the AUX input of a SB AWE64 sound card. I have no
    problem hearing audio with the ATI TV. But when I record I have VERY
    low sound levels.

    I was using an external sound cable and that worked fine so I guess I
    have to use a external cable to record TV but why would that make a
    difference? It is recording the signal so why does it have to process
    audiio through the sound card?

    I also have a TV Wonder PRO in another PC and I am only using an
    internal connector between the ATI TV Wonder Pro and a sound card = SB
    Live. This works fine for both play and record. So why am I having
    recording problems with the AIW 7500?

    Enlightenment appreciated! Thanks
    nobody, Jan 30, 2004
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  2. You may need to amplify the AUX port. Sometimes you can do this and
    sometimes not. So, I do not know if this will help. I had to do this to
    the microphone port on a laptop the other day.

    For XP. Go to Control Panel and select Sounds and Audio Devices. On the
    Audio tab in the Sound Recording area, click the Volume button. On the
    Option menu select Advanced Controls if it is not grayed out. This will add
    buttons to the bottom of the Volume controls. Clicking the Advanced button
    below the Line In (?) may yield a form with a check box to Boost the device.
    It is possible that you will not be able to boost it. My desktop sound card
    will not boost, but my laptop will.
    Todd Thompson, Jan 30, 2004
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