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AIW 9600 PRO CD-OUT to AUX-IN on SB Live Platinum 5.1?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Chris Lemon, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Chris Lemon

    Chris Lemon Guest

    Okay, here's a weird one...of course, when presented to ATI via email, they
    were utterly useless.(Granted, this is the bitchly time of year for tech
    support as a whole, but I still expect them to at least READ my issue.)

    I just got an AIW 9600 Pro, and since I already have a device (my tape deck)
    plugged into the Line In port on my sound card, I wanted to use the 4-pin
    CD-OUT connector on the AIW. So I went out and got a cable that had their
    4-pin connector at one end and the 4-pin Molex connector for my Sound
    Blaster Live Platinum 5.1 card at the other. Had to rearrange some of the
    pin sockets to match the pinouts on the two cards (the AIW, according to
    their documentation, is Ground-Left-Ground-Right, the SBLive is
    Left-Ground-Ground-Right), and I was off and running.

    Now, the SBLive has two Molex ports, one is called CD-IN, and the other,
    AUX-IN. (There is a TAD port for a modem to plug into as well, but that's
    not pertinent to this issue). The situation is, when I plug the AIW into the
    CD-IN port, I get sound when I fire up the TV app. When I plug into AUX-IN,
    nothing. (And yes, I've checked the mixer settings and the TV Tuner settings
    and made sure everything was turned up and not muted and such.)

    At first I thought the AUX-IN port was dead, but I called Creative this
    morning, and they helped me force my CDROM drive to analog mode so we could
    test both ports, and both ports tested fine, I could raise and lower the
    volume of both, noticed sound cut out when I pulled the cable out, all of
    it. So the ports on the SB Live are both operational.

    So, once again, I know the CABLE works, because it works when I plug it into
    CD-IN. I know the SOCKET works, because it works when I ran the CDROM into
    it. And I know the AIW works 'cuz it's making sound. But the combination of
    the three don't seem to like each other.

    Does anyone know of a known issue with trying to SPECIFIALLY USE the
    Auxillary channel of an SB Live to control the audio of the TV on the AIW
    Chris Lemon

    EFNet: FredSmyth
    Chris Lemon, Dec 30, 2003
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  2. Chris Lemon

    Kev Guest

    Don't you have to redo the installation so you can select AUX-IN as the
    sound input in MMC? It's still set for CD-IN.
    Kev, Dec 31, 2003
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  3. Chris Lemon

    Chris Lemon Guest

    All that does, near as I can tell, is tell MMC which slider to control when
    you're messing with volume in the TV unit. Open the Volume Control and play
    with it, and you'll see what I mean. You can set it to something other than
    what you are using, and the slider for what you have your sound plugged into
    will still work and control volume.

    But, yes, I considered that. When it's set to Auxillary with the sound cable
    plugged into AUX-IN, I get nothing. When it's set to CD Audio and plugged
    into CD-IN, it works. Other devices plugged into AUX-IN work. About the only
    thing it CAN be is a dislike between THAT (the AUX-IN) jack and THIS (the
    cable I'm using out of the ATI) cable, and I may test that theory by running
    the CDROM drive that has proven to work in the AUX-IN with this cable and
    see what happens. But honestly I expect it to work, 'cuz if the cable was
    bad it wouldn't work in CD-IN either,
    Chris Lemon

    EFNet: FredSmyth
    Chris Lemon, Dec 31, 2003
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