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AIW 9700Pro - apparently no video overlay

Discussion in 'ATI' started by David T. Metz, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. I have a problem w. my newly acquired AIW 977Pro. It is impossible for me
    to get video overlay from either the tv-tuner or the video in. The tuner
    seems to work since it tunes to the existing channels and the sound is
    passed through nicely to my sound card. Also the sound passes through on
    the audio connections.

    I tried to capture to file w. all installed codecs in turn, but no luck in
    MMC - it wont capture anything, it does drop a file on 26 kB, though, no
    matter how long the capture attempt is.

    I have tried the card in two different computers with a variety of drivers
    and a variety of Windows versions - including different versions of
    DirectX - 8.1, 9.0, 9,0b, 9.0b with PAL fix (I'm in PAL land):

    The drivers/programs I have tried:
    Catalyst 3.1 (from the driver CD) and 3.9 + 3.9 w. OGL-fix(from ATI)
    WDM's: (included in Cat 3.9), 6217, 6207, (on the
    Ati MMC: 8.1, 8.7
    OS: WinME, WinXP

    On the intended machine I have Win XP sp1 (newly installed) w. the
    following hardware:
    Soltek 3401 (Barebone)
    i856g (internal graphics disabled in BIOS, also disabled all USB-ports to
    avoid irq-conflicts)
    on-board Realtek sound
    P4 2.8c (tried switching off HT)
    1 GB Dual channel DDR
    WD Raptor SATA

    The old machine I tried the card on:
    ASUS A7V
    via-something chipset (no graphics or sound)
    SB 512-card
    AMD T-bird 900
    256 MB Ram
    WD ATA Hdd.

    I tried asking in a danish newsgroup. Some had had problems almost similar,
    but were able to get pictures during channel surf in the tv app. -
    apparently channel surf does not use overlay(?) - but I had no such luck.

    When I tried different driver versions I did a thorough de-install - using
    the windows "system restore" or using thorough guides to clean old .inf
    files and the registry.

    I'm considering the card might be broken, but the symptoms are odd. It is
    only the video overlay that does not work (i.e. no picture) - the window is
    all black, but turns blue if I adjust the overlay settings in the ATI
    control panel. A few times the window turns green on the lower half of it
    when I e.g. resize from small to large or full screen but it doesn't always
    do so. 2D and 3D graphics otherwise work fine.

    Has anyone experienced something similar and perhaps found a fix? Or can
    you spot an obvious error in the above?

    David T. Metz, Nov 13, 2003
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