AK79D-400VN boot problems

Discussion in 'AOpen' started by AMD_Dually, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. AMD_Dually

    AMD_Dually Guest

    I purchased this motherboard yesterday, and am having problems out the
    wazoo with it. The biggest is windows will freeze right after the
    black XP splash screen. Mouse does not respond, and the monitor does
    not refresh. I can boot and work with the system in safe mode, install
    and uninstall drivers etc, but no go for normal boot. I have
    re-installed windows 4 times now, thinking it might be how i am
    installing the drivers, the particular version of drivers, etc. If I
    had to guess, I would say that the video card is not working once out
    of VGA mode. The card being used is a 4X AGP ti4200 with 128mb RAM.
    Also using a single stick of mushkin pc2700 and a XP1800 CPU. All of
    these components worked great in the old MB, and ASUS A7S333. I intend
    on upgrading the CPU and RAM later, the MB was just a way for me to be
    able to upgrade to the highest the XP line will go until I can afford
    to build a new system.

    In BIOS I had a question or two as well. Should I set memory to run by
    SPD or manual, and also I noticed an enable/disable setting for AGP
    8x, should I disable as I am using a 4x card? Also what order should
    drivers be installed? Video, then chipset, or should I just install
    the chipset drivers, then vid? using the latest from nVidia's web

    Any help would be appreciated.

    AMD_Dually, Nov 30, 2003
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  2. AMD_Dually

    Roger M Guest

    I had the same/similar problem. Everything I've read says to install the
    video drivers last. The problem I had was with the nforce ide driver. I'm
    not sure what the exact problem was but when I finally decided not to
    install this *unapproved* driver my system started working fine. My system
    crashed so many times I had to call Microsoft to explain why I needed to
    re-activate Windows so many times. One time the system spontaneously
    rebooted and check disc had to repair at least 250 files. When the system
    finally came up nothing was there. After I rebooted the system Windows
    said that it had not been registered and immediately shutdown.

    One other problem I had was with memory. I had installed Kingston
    Valueram ddr400 with an Athlon 1600+ processor. Definitely a problem. I
    put in a cheap stick of no name 266 ram and it has worked fine ever since.
    I guess it doesn't handle mismatched components as well as some other
    boards. I bought an Epox 8rda3g to replace it with and it's been smooth
    sailing ever since.

    Roger M, Dec 1, 2003
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  3. Well, this thing does not even give me a chance to install the wrong
    drivers, freezes up after a fresh install of OS, on the first full boot into
    the OS........sigh

    Angry American, Dec 1, 2003
  4. AMD_Dually

    c Guest

    The AGP should be set to 4x for your video card, so I would disable it. As
    far as the memory, either setting is fine, as long as the board isn't trying
    to overspeed the memory. I don't think it would, but it's possible. If this
    is happening it would explain your problems. I had some cheap DDR2700 here
    that, if ran higher that 266MHz would do things very similar to what you are
    having happen. Also, if I recall, XP needs Service Pack 1 for the nForce
    chipset to operate properly, but I could be wrong. Always install the
    chipset drivers before the video card drivers.

    c, Dec 3, 2003
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