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Aliens Vs Predator GE & Geforce4 MX 440

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Jaymeister, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. Jaymeister

    Jaymeister Guest


    Does anyone know of a fix for the following problem :

    When I try to run AVP I just get a black screen and the computer stops
    I have found that if I set my desktop to 640x480 (16 bit) the game will run
    but only at that resolution.
    If I try run the game in any other desktop resolution or colour depth the
    game won't run (black screen).
    If I try to change the in-game video resolution to anything other than
    640x480 (16 bit) the game won't run (black screen when starting game).

    My system is as follows :

    Pentium 3 1GHz
    Jetway 694AS Motherboard (latest Via Hyperion drivers)
    PNY Geforce4 MX440 AGP (latest 44.03 drivers)
    Creative SB Live Value
    Windows ME (all updates installed)
    Direct X 9.0a

    This is the only game I appear to have any problems with and controversially
    I prefer this to AVP 2 which incidently, runs just fine and dandy :)

    Thanks in advance.

    Jaymeister, Jul 13, 2003
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