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Almost every Game Crash with Geforce GTX 260...

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Rudolf Kemnitz, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. HI...

    The Problem that I have is, that I got past different times an Blue Screen.
    Almost every Game Crash past an different time...
    But an check of all my Hadware change nothing, my Hardware look fine...

    Even if I "torment" my Grafikcard for longer than an hour with an Nvidia
    Benchmark in 1920x1200 with 4xAA & 8xAF I got no probs...
    A heat prob is also not the prob, I got an tool, what tell me the temp, and
    also by the Benchmark from Nvidia is the Temp by
    the Grafikcard, by the CPU, and also in the Computer Case, absolut fine...

    Also an change of the Grafikcard dont change the prob... and also an change
    of an older driver how has work in the past well dont change anything...
    even an change of the systehm, from window Vista, to windows 7 and also an
    "Format C: " dont help...

    has anyone an Idea? or an solution? Ihave no Idea what else I can make...

    By the way, the probs I got since the beginning in March, there I was
    installing an new "Beta Driver"... since this time I got this probs... even
    as I delet the driver and even past an "Format C:" I have this problem...

    Bye, DUDI
    Rudolf Kemnitz, Jun 30, 2009
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  2. Rudolf Kemnitz

    Augustus Guest

    You need to post the system specs details and the BSOD error details for any
    meaningful advice. Mainboard? CPU? Powersupply? RAID array? Is the system
    overclocked? Did this start happening the instant you switched cards or
    just after a beta gfx driver install? The fact it showed up after a Beta
    driver install may be signifigant.....but uninstalling the driver, or
    rolling back the driver and having the same issues after a clean reinstall
    would tend to make me think that's post hoc reasoning.
    I will give you my opinion that if the system will boot normally, load
    Windows normally, and run a one hour 3D stress test bench without crashing
    or rebooting then it's probably not the p/s or the card. You say a complete
    clean install after a format still generates random BSOD....I eventually
    traced a similar condition to a flaky HDD controller on one of my Raptors on
    the RAID array. The Intel RAID controller found issues on a data integrity
    check and I eventually caught it. I suspected the mainboard RAID controller
    from the BSOD error report. Random component replacement is not the way to
    go. From the sound of it, you've already spent days on things that may have
    been unnecessary.....
    Augustus, Jun 30, 2009
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  3. Rudolf Kemnitz

    Phil Weldon Guest

    'Rudolf Kemnitz' wrote, in part:

    Which games?
    What CPU?
    What Operating System?
    What motherboard/chipset?
    What voltage/temperature/fan speed reporting applet are you using?
    What power supply brand, model, price, quality are you using?

    I haven't used an nVidia display adapter benchmark for two years, but back
    then nVidia nTune benchmark supplied for checking adapter overclocking was
    useless. The benchmark checked all the functions for proper operation, but
    did not require the GPU to use enough power to check for overheating
    effects. Thus it may be that your nVidia benchmark is not causing as much
    heat production as the game(s).

    I suggest the following test (mainly because it is very easy to do)

    Disable the case fans (and/or raise the room ambient temperature). Run
    the games that cause the BSOD and check if the crash happens in a shorter
    time (components will overheat more quickly.) If the BSODs occur in a
    shorter time, then heat is almost certainly the problem. Most likely the
    critical overheat will be in the display adapter. The least likely critical
    overheat would be the power supply.

    It will also help you get more and better diagnostic suggestions if you
    supply more detailed information, including -

    room ambient temperature (I mention this because participants in this
    Usenet newsgroup live in widely varying climates, i.e. in Atlanta, Georgia
    USA where I live, this week has daily highs near 91 F ~ 33 C and daily lows
    near 66 F `~ 19C; very different from your climate, I would guess)

    CPU temperature

    GPU temperature

    motherboard temperature (your parameter reporting applet may label this
    'case temperature', but that sensor is actually mounted on the motherboard).

    Phil Weldon
    Phil Weldon, Jul 1, 2009

  4. The Games:

    Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2, Ghost recon Advance Warfighter 1 & 2, Gears of War,
    Crysis, Tomb Raider Underworld... etc...

    My PC:

    Grafikcard: Nvidia Gefoce GTX 260,
    CPU: Core 2 Quad Q 6600 with 4 x 2,4 GHz,
    4 GB DDR2 1066 Ram,
    Power supply: be quiet! 700w,
    Mainbord: Ausu P5Q,
    OS: Windows Vista ultimate, 32 Bit on one Harddrive, and 64 Bit on an other
    Harddrive: Samsung 750 GB & Samsung 400 GB, with cach of 32 mb,

    here is an link to take an look on my PC:


    I use for contoll the temperature the speedfan version: 4,38.
    Normal Desktop use:
    GPU: 50°,
    Sytem (computer Case): 39°,
    CPU: 39°,
    HD: 25°,

    In High Power mode when I run games, or the Test of FurMark, or Nvidia
    Benchmarks like: Cascades, Froggy, Medusa, than I got this temperature:
    GPU: 88°,
    Sytem (computer Case): 50°,
    CPU: 50°,
    HD: 25°,

    And the Test of FurMark and the Tests of Nvidia work well even more than 1
    Only when I Play Game I got Game Crash, and also Blue screens...

    Bye, DUDI
    Rudolf Kemnitz, Jul 1, 2009
  5. Rudolf Kemnitz

    Augustus Guest

    In High Power mode when I run games, or the Test of FurMark, or Nvidia
    Your GPU is hitting 88C during 3D games with Speedfan at max and you think
    this an OK temp?? This alone could be the issue.

    <A heat prob is also not the prob, I got an tool, what tell me the temp, and
    also by the Benchmark from Nvidia is the Temp by
    the Grafikcard, by the CPU, and also in the Computer Case, absolut fine...>

    I use an eVGA GTX 260SSC with the stock cooler and the fan set at a constant
    75%. The temp never exceeds 58C in any game or condition. It came with the
    fan set at 40% and the drivers never ramped it up. This caused temps close
    to 79-80C caused freezeups and crashing to the desktop in some games. which
    A GTX 260 that's getting close to 90C is a major issue, period.

    You are dual booting x64 and x32 Vista, something you also neglected to
    mention. Under which OS do the issues occur?
    Augustus, Jul 1, 2009
  6. HI...

    My main memory was defect...

    that was the prob...
    so I send it back, the next days I get new memory...

    Till that time I have to use my older PC... :-(

    thank's for all the help here... :)

    bye, DUDI ;-)
    Rudolf Kemnitz, Jul 8, 2009
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