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Discussion in 'Dell' started by Bob & Pat Hurdle, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. but I need a little help

    Besides internet and some Office type work, the other primary uses of this
    machine will be to manipulate photos and download a ton of old video tapes
    and edit them and finally burn them onto DVDs. The only games will be for
    my grandkids, and they are 4,8,&11 so I don't need the super gamer machine.
    I will set up a wireless network to my 8200 to share files and internet

    Right now the configuration is an 8300 3.0 GHz P4 XP HOME which gives me
    the best of the Intel line for graphics manipulation without the expense of
    the absolute highest CPU which I don't need.
    Question: Would a 2.8 work about as well for the uses I have

    Monitor: Considering the 1901 Ultrasharp 1901 FP. The 20 inch would be
    nice, but overkill and a lot more money. I have a 1702 on my 8200, and I
    love it.... but it isn't available anymore
    Question: Any suggestions... I want a FP for sure

    RAM 1 GB I guess I need a lot for the video editing, and it's

    Hard Drive: I'm planning on a 120 GB 7200 Serial ATA. I would think that's
    big enough,
    QUESITON: but should I consider something larger as NECESSARY?
    QUESTION: Should I partition it into four partitions OS ; Programs;
    Reg, files; Large one for pix and video work?

    Video Card.... planning on Radeon 9800... I can't believe I need anything
    more than this. Comments?

    I plan to buy my own DVD+/- RW burner rather than the Dell brand (it only
    writes in + format) I want family to be able to run the DVDs I make on their
    home TV DVD players.

    I plan on buying the Netgear "g" AP and card for the wireless network

    I need a recommendation for the video editing software... suggestions most

    Thanks for your assistance,

    Bob & Pat Hurdle, Dec 2, 2003
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  2. Bob & Pat Hurdle

    Craig Guest

    I use a P4 2.4/533 with Premiere 6.5 and a firewire Sony camcorder. The
    faster processor will definitely help with previewing video effects and
    previewing edits. It will make rendering faster... but it all depends
    on your editting habits. If you lay down an hour of track at a time
    with a tons of transitions or effects, rendering is still going to take
    a long time. It'll be more than a coffee break if you know what I mean.
    I own the 19" FP from Dell. Unlike most, I didn't take too well to it.
    The lcd pixel array still makes me go cross-eyed. I'd take a tube
    monitor over a flat panel. Cheaper. And nicer, in my opinion.
    I use a 10,000 RPM 30GB drive for the OS. I use a striped RAID of
    two 60 GB drives for the scratch disk. The stripe isn't necessary -
    I used it to make a large partition when 60GB drives were the norm.

    I'd recommend keeping the OS and program directory separated from the
    scratch disk. I've ever seen any benchmarks that prove keeping the
    programs away from the OS or the page file from the OS improve
    performance. Logistically, to me anyway, tons of partitions lead
    only to wasted hard disk space.

    So two partitions. OS and ScratchDisk.

    Dropping frames these days is relatively rare. I wouldn't spend a
    ton of money trying to get the golden grail in hard disks.
    Overkill for 2d work, won't help much for the things you're looking to
    do, but it sure is nice.
    Premiere is a great software program. It's a bit feature rich for making
    simple videos. It also shines best with the entire Adobe video suite, so
    expect to pay big bucks. If you enroll at the local community college's
    lawn bowling class, you'll get a hefty discount.
    Craig, Dec 2, 2003
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  3. Bob & Pat Hurdle

    WSZsr Guest

    You will need special hardware to capture the analog video to your computer
    and quality will not be great. I'm not an expert so maybe others can help
    here. XP comes with Movie Maker software to facilitate the process of
    editing the video.
    WSZsr, Dec 3, 2003
  4. Craig, could you please respond via email.. I have some other questions for
    Bob & Pat Hurdle, Dec 3, 2003
  5. Bob & Pat Hurdle

    r1 Guest

    Sounds like you've got it all together. It's a great machine for what you
    plan to do. Enjoy!
    r1, Dec 3, 2003
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