"Alpha Serial Numbers" An example of Gateway incompetence and indifference.

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by IMD, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. IMD

    IMD Guest

    "Alpha Serial Numbers" An example of Gateway incompetence and indifference.

    I received my Gateway Profile more than a month ago. It had a 10 digit
    serial number preceded by an "s". I discovered very quickly that, with or
    without the "s", Gateway's tech support web site didn't recognize it (nor my
    telephone number or order number) and I couldn't get into the premium
    support site I paid for.

    A series of telephone calls and emails to and from Customer Service told me
    that they had contacted the appropriate department (IT) and the problem
    would be fixed in 3, 5, 7, 10, 14 days (take your pick). I was even called
    back by a CS supervisor who said the problem was handled.

    It turned out that IT never answered CS' communications; the CS people had
    absolutely no idea what was happening and they were sending out their normal
    knee jerk responses that included "we really value you as a customer" etc.

    I finally reached Executive Response, only to find out that Gateway had sold
    several thousand of these "alpha" serial number computers. However, IT has
    no way to log these numbers and related customer information into the
    company customer data base. They are studying the issue and it may be
    months before they get a solution. Interestingly, the were quite willing
    and happy to take back the entire computer for a refund within the 15 day
    return period (there were many people qualified to do this) but they had no
    way to get some serial numbers into their data base.

    Meanwhile, those of us with "alpha" serial number are in Gateway limbo. Our
    computers still aren't recognized by their web site and a call to premium
    service gets shunted to an endless hold to wait for someone to verify our

    Gateways response to the issue has been complete indifference and a major
    disappointment. No contact from my salesman. Nothing unsolicited from CS.
    No web site url for those with "alpha" serial numbers and no alternative
    telephone choice for our premium service. Just.we're working on it and we
    value our customers.

    This company usually makes good products. When everything works, it is
    fine. When there is a glitch like the "alpha" serial numbers, everything
    falls apart.

    Any thoughts.post here and email me.

    Thank you.
    IMD, Feb 18, 2004
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  2. The 10 digit number sounds like the serial number of the chassis.
    Do you see the eight digit serial number on the computer?
    The 8 digit serial number will also be on your invoice as well as
    other paperwork.
    Jupiter Jones, Feb 18, 2004
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  3. IMD

    IMD Guest

    Don't you think I have been through this many, many times with Gateway?
    Your suggestion about more than one number or the wrong number, while
    perhaps well meaning, is very typical of Gateway misinformation in which
    the customer appear at fault so that people reading about it are confused
    about the issue.

    To be clear and in very short sentences.

    There is ONE serial number. It is 10 numbers. It starts with an "s". It is
    on the invoice. It is the number that comes up when you ask the computer to
    find your serial number (without the "s"). The serial number is not
    recognized the web site. Neither is my order number or telephone number.
    The serial number not recognized by priority service. Gateway reluctantly
    agrees that there is a problem. There may be several thousand people in the
    same situation. At this point, they have no idea how to fix that problem.
    They have made no effort to provide alternative URL or priority service

    IMD, Feb 18, 2004
  4. IMD

    Jan & Vic Guest

    Amazing isn't it? My system has 3 letters and 10 digits for a serial number.
    It gives the Techs fits when I write, and took me over an hour to find out
    the 3 letters counted as part of the serial number, spaces and dashes were
    not needed. If you don't have a serial number that their stupid form
    accepts, then you don't get to talk to a tech. They told me it was because
    I bought it from The Micro Center store. It is Gateway's serial number, too
    bad thay can't recognize it. They have never assigned me an incedent number
    and I suspect that they they can't. I hate filling the customer support
    form with the same information over and over again.

    Last time I was stuck in a loop for 30 minutes. They supplied my serial
    number in their form, then would not accept it saying that both the serial
    number and account number were filled. There was no account number and if I
    cleared the serial number it would not accept it saying that niether field
    was filled.

    You would think that they have never sold or supported any systems before.
    If they can't support me, I sure wish they would give me the tools to
    support myself. (like Motherboard documentation)

    They should be ashamed!
    Sad Sad
    Jan & Vic, Feb 24, 2005
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