Alsa and other issues on mega Msi PC 651

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Robert Rankin, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. I've been using Linux kernel 2.4.3 for some time with stable release of
    KDE and alsa 0.9.8 for some time with no complaints *btw* no heat problems
    with linux(mind you the fan barely comes on)

    I've upgrade the kernel to 2.6.0 and , and alsa 10.0rc2 which took me some
    time because of the "benefits" it will bring in the future ???, and the
    latest KDE developer stuff,it does some nice things although my sound in
    gereral has gone to pot. I have turned off arts and everthing went fine(it
    used to come up with a scary error something about CPU overload and my FAN
    went crazy GKRellm showed some interesting figures evertime the sytem
    bleeped), Video Music Emulation Sound all work lovely, but the other day I
    fancied a little 3d gaming and quakeforge looker fun, couldn't get any
    sound except for the SDL plugin which sounded bad, nothing from ALSA or
    OSS(emulated in my case),

    After using the CVS build I got alsa working but it had the same errors
    I'm begining to suspect that my errors are related to sis7012(intel8x0)
    not mixing the sounds together and I think this is causing probems all
    over the place.

    I load the modules by hand which I suspect I should not be doing, I know
    know the problems maybe related to my speedtouch Driver(Horrible Horrible

    thanks for your help if any.

    I'm reaching the stage where my limited knowledge has reached its limits a
    long long time ago, and its fun tring these things out and I have learned
    a lot, but I'm probable breaking things now, and will have to set fire to
    my hard disk soon. if anyone could give advice/post there
    modules.conf/conf.modules it would be fantastic, also I think my major
    problem with my sound is mixing sounds together, I have found various
    answers on the net, but none are tailored for the Mega PC, I am begining
    to suspect my .asoundrc file could be talored a little better(if someone
    knows when this loads if would be useful (at the moment I boot and then
    load the modules)

    Other Minor niggles I have If anyone can help with any of these I would be

    I seem to lose time my clock lose a few minutes a day it seems, roo slow
    to measure, I am now running ntp which sincs the time to the server which
    is fantastic and more accurate than before but obviously it would be nice
    if anyone could suddest a test to see if I am losing time because of falty
    hardware as this worries me a little.

    6 in one reader
    Not a clue don't even know where to start documentation is vauge to none
    at all, I use smart media card formated in fat16 for my gamepark device,
    which I know there are drivers for, I will try these later but the
    convenece of just using the cards in the machine thenseves seem too
    irrasistable. I know the linux link in the faq has used this so I know it
    is possible

    Possible yet, I suspect that this is not possible at all, but would be a
    barrel of laughs( I get know radio reception in my flat though this or my
    main stereo so I don't hold up much hope even if if did work.

    Graphical display
    Lets face it would love flashing lights, but I couldn't begin to right
    one, anyone trying or getting anything through it it could be hardware

    I susppect there is nothing I can do here, I have read some postings, at
    the moment its still in its packet although I would love to use it

    I would love to play TV though my MEGA PC, I believe I can do this
    straight through the hardware with a MEGA PC TV card(am I wrong) although
    libving in the UK I need a digital TV card they are quite expensive,
    although I would love PVR capability on this. the movie playback is just

    anyone found a suitable aluminium keyboard with proper keys to go with
    this, I can't see anything, although there is an aluminum mouse I have set
    my heart on

    How much are the 2.1 speakers in the UK, I bought my mega PC from ebuyer,
    and could do with some greater setail on these, I know most speakers would
    probable match, but I would pay the premium for matching.

    How would you suggest I upgrade the firware on this thing??

    any help would be greatly appreciated
    Robert Rankin, Dec 27, 2003
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