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Alternative solution for devcon32.dll error with ATI and SB Live Cards

Discussion in 'Soundblaster Live' started by Erdem Ahmet, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Erdem Ahmet

    Erdem Ahmet Guest

    I had the same problem with devvon32.dll with my ATI ALL IN WONDER PRO
    and SB!LIVE 5.1 but i fix it. Take out your sound card.Setup your
    Windows.Put your graphic drivers.Before you start to change anything
    put this command to your msconfig.sys DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\HIMEM.SYS
    /TESTMEM:ON into your Config.sys file. You can use the System
    Configuration Utility (Select Start > Run and type msconfig in the
    Open box and press OK, select the Config.sys tab and add the HIMEM.SYS
    line by pressing the New button). Windows will tell you to reboot your
    computer, watch your screen for a message HIMEM has detected
    unreliable memory at address xx:xxxxxx which will certainly indicate
    that there's a memory problem.
    This memory problem also cause to conflict the ATI graphic card with
    Creative Sound Blaster. I fix this problem changing my RAM and
    everything is okey now. To see if you have a RAM problem please put
    the above command to your msconfig.sys.
    Erdem Ahmet, Jul 17, 2003
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