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AM7266-D upgrade

Discussion in 'AMD Thunderbird' started by Christopher, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. Christopher

    Christopher Guest

    Can anyone please suggest or give some advice regarding upgrading my
    ASUS motherboard.

    I currently have 2 AMD2400 MP chips. I want to move up to AMD3200.

    Is using a single AMD3200 XP better than 2 AMD2400? Does the 2400 run
    like a 2.4GHz? If so, the 2800 runs like a 2.8GHz?

    Should I just go to AMD2800 MP (dual)? Or some insights would be most

    How much is the increase from a single AMD3200XP vs 2 AMD2800?

    Otherwise I am considering a much more expensive dual Opteron. Am I
    correct that the main difference between the AMD64 vs Opteron is that
    the Opteron has the ability to run SMP (understanding that 100 series
    does not).

    Basically what I want is about 2X increase in speed from my
    A7M266-D(dual) 2400 running at one Gig RAM. Or at least how much
    improvement can I get from a single 3200 vs dual 2800?

    Any thoughts are most appreciated.
    Christopher, Jun 28, 2004
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  2. Christopher

    Erez Volach Guest

    You would see a roughly 20% - 33% increase in single thread / single process
    / single instance programs in going with an XP3200+. But when multitasking -
    there's an added CPU offloading the background processes, versus a single
    CPU mode, and you might lost performance. What is your need / target in
    going with a dual system ? Is it a specific software that takes advantage of
    mulltiple processors or general multitasking ? For a server which is also a
    workstation, or for production environment when you want uninterrupted
    background processes AND responsive foreground, you would be better off with
    SMP. In single processor system, the CPU pipeline will be bottleneck
    (constant content swithcing) in SMP, memory access would probably be the
    Erez Volach, Jun 28, 2004
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