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AMD 690G chipset is incredibly hot, wastes electricity & time

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by TE Chea, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. TE Chea

    TE Chea Guest

    nVidia & VIA chipsets are far cooler, I'll avoid AMD chipsets
    after this Asus M2A-VM : I had to tape 7 hsinks, fit 1 fan to
    cool this mboard 's pll ic & 4 regulators & 1 chip & chipset's
    2 small hsinks. Luckily my small psu can cope so I need not
    buy a bigger psu.

    Its ATI ide*controller is 30-40x as hot as VIA kt266a 's, yet is
    slower : my Maxtor ata133 hdd could score 61000+ kb/s in
    Disk Checker using kt266a & applebred (K7), but just 52000
    + kb/s using ATI 's *& LE1620 (K8).

    @12x200, LE1620 can work @1.025v, its default 1.25v is far
    higher than necessary, will waste electricity & produce useless
    heat if user & mboard does/can not use 1.025v @ which this
    cpu already reaches 45ºC during idle if 690G north bridge's
    heat is fanned upward toward cpu. @1.25v, cpu may get hot
    enough to jam ( my applebred jams by 49ºC ).
    TE Chea, Aug 17, 2008
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