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AMD Athlon Thunderbird

Discussion in 'Overclocking' started by grevillep, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. grevillep

    grevillep Guest

    I am desperately trying to get my old dinosaur to run a bit faster. I

    CPU:- AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.1Ghz (133Mhz FSB)
    Mobo:- Elitegroup N2U400-A Nvidia nForce2
    Memory:- 512MB 333

    I have unlocked the CPU multiplier but if I change any BIOS settings
    the it will not boot, so I have to ┬┤reset bios. in the bios I cannot
    find multiplier settings only options like Optimal, expert,
    aggressive, turbo. The only thing I can change is the FSB Frequency
    and memory settings, no multiplier. changing any of the settings only
    make the system not boot.
    I need help as Doom 3 is struggling.
    grevillep, Sep 16, 2004
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