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AMD-ATI 'Xenos' GPU shifts to 65nm for Xbox 360 this fall (re: it gets smaller & cooler)

Discussion in 'ATI' started by AirRaid, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. AirRaid

    AirRaid Guest


    Xbox 360 GPU to go to 65nm in fall, TSMC to see side benefits, says

    Commercial Times, April 30; Esther Lam, DIGITIMES [Monday 30 April

    Sources at equipment makers were cited by a Chinese-language
    Commercial Times report as saying that the Xbox 360 will be equipped
    with a 65nm-made Xenos graphics processing unit (GPU) in the fall and
    that corresponding foundry partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing
    Company (TSMC) will see benefits.

    The paper cited the sources as saying that an engineering version of
    the 65nm-made Xenos has been sent out and production will start in
    May. TSMC projected sales contribution from 65nm would amount to 5%
    during mid-2007.

    On a separate note, TSMC announced the introduction of 65nm-made
    embedded DRAM in March. Embedded DRAM is one of the two dies that
    comprise the Xenos. In the 90nm version of the Xenos, embedded DRAM is
    manufactured by NEC.


    AirRaid, Apr 30, 2007
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  2. AirRaid

    Jonah Falcon Guest

    I'd say you were way late with this news, but you're crossposting
    everywhere -- and some of these ng's I've never heard of. lol
    Jonah Falcon, Apr 30, 2007
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  3. AirRaid

    AirRaid Guest

    no, because all 65nm Xbox 360 talk up until this point has been about
    the IBM CPU.

    AFAIK this is the first mention of Xbox 360's ATI GPU going 65nm, even
    though it was always in the works since before the 360 came out.
    AirRaid, Apr 30, 2007
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