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AMD compared to Intel

Discussion in 'AMD Thunderbird' started by Tod, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. Tod

    Buffalo Guest

    I did, before I posted last time. It says it has an option to Throttle-down
    the cpu if it becomes overheated.
    Sounds like 'monitoring' to me.
    Of course, this may not be available in the Linux version.
    Check for the latest version for Linux, it may do the same.

    Controls the "Northbridge Bus Disconnect Bit" to lower your CPUs power level
    during idle
    An idle loop that puts your CPU into STPGNT state if your OS won't
    Displays the current CPU temperature in your system tray (optional)
    Optional Hardware Throttling of the CPU when it gets too hot (50%, 10%,
    Lightweight: 32K

    Chipset with a VT8371, VT82C691/693A/694 or VT8363 Northbridge and a
    VT82C686x Southbridge (VIA KT133x or KX133) - limited support for AMD 761
    A Win32 OS (Windows 98 or better - no that does not include LINUX *g*)"

    I think that the majority of AMD XPs would fry or become inoperable with
    their 'retail' hs/fan combo and the fan not running.
    This means no third party cooling, etc software installed.
    If a cpu overheats and the pc freezes, does the cpu usage go down to almost
    zero, or can it stay really high?
    So Ivcool is doing its job. Most people don't use that type of software.

    Just earlier, you disagreed and said an AMD would not fry.
    BTW, how high does your cpu temp get under 'HEAVY' load?
    If the fan failed failed on your pc during a long run of heavy load, what
    would you expect the results to be?
    "Chipset with a VT8371, VT82C691/693A/694 or VT8363 Northbridge and a
    VT82C686x Southbridge (VIA KT133x or KX133) - limited support for AMD 761
    A Win32 OS (Windows 98 or better - no that does not include LINUX *g*)"

    At least the future AMDs will most likely have the 'survival' built into
    them, as Intel cpu's have had for quite awhile.
    Yes, I repeat, Yes, I am using an XP2100+ Palomino and I really believe that
    if my cpu fan fails while under load, the Palomino will go the 'horsey
    Buffalo, Nov 2, 2003
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  2. Tod

    Wes Newell Guest

    Yes, it would probably fry without some sort of protection. So if they
    turned it all off and walked away and the fan fell off it might fry (again
    depending on how fast they are running it), and they would get just what
    they deserved for running it without the protection that is available.
    That's not my fault.:)

    It wouldn't under normal operation running lvcool.
    I think it was about 49C with the old cooler and 100% load.
    Depends on what you call heavy. At 70% it would probably still be ok for
    some time. At 100% load, it would only last a little longer than without
    running lvcool. But the onloy time I've ever seen my cpu load near 100% is
    when I've forced it there. Probably 90% pf people will never use more than
    20% except when playing a game. In which case, they will be at the machine
    when the fan fails.
    I'm using Athcool (linux) on the SIS746fx. Doesn't actually issue stop
    grants like lvcool did, but still works well with acpi. I still use lvcool
    on my KT7 board.
    I think I read the K8 did, but don't recall for sure. I really don't care.
    It hasn't been an issue with any I've built.
    Could happen under heavy load without protection. That's for sure. But
    even my old KT7 bios has auto shutdown on fan failure.
    Wes Newell, Nov 2, 2003
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  3. Tod

    Buffalo Guest

    "Wes Newell" <
    You are talking about when the cpu is idle and have Ivcool working, are you
    At first I thought you meant while the cpu was under load and that is why I
    thougt you must have some ' super' heatsink. (only running at 30C)

    Buffalo, Nov 2, 2003
  4. Tod

    Wes Newell Guest

    Don't know about 2.6, but 2.4 doesn't. I run Lvcool on ny KT7, and Athcool
    on my K7S8X board (sis746fx). Whats strange was the original K7S8X board
    already had the bit set, but I think they changed it in the later bios. At
    least it's not automatically set on the R3 board. but Athcool sets it.
    Wes Newell, Nov 2, 2003
  5. Tod

    Buffalo Guest

    Have you ever read my original reply to the OP?
    Here it is.

    To add to the other replies.
    If the heatsink/fan fails on an AMD, it will most likely 'fry' and be
    ruined. [edit] notice the words 'most likely' and not always.
    If the heatsink/fan fails on an Intel, it will most like just go into its
    'Fail-Safe' type mode and run much slower, but not fry." [edit] Do you
    believe this statement?

    Yes, when I said 'retail' I was talking about the hs/fan combo that comes
    with a Retail Box AMD Processor.
    Damn, where the hell did you ever get the idea that I thought you could not
    possibly cool a cpu down to around -30C?
    I was talking about using the 'retail' hs/fan that comes with a Retail Box
    AMD, not frickin freon or liquid nitrogen.
    Once again you totally have missed the point.

    The fan could fail for a variety of reasons while the processor was under
    medium to heavy load.
    Buffalo, Nov 2, 2003
  6. Tod

    J.Clarke Guest

    I believe many things. One thing I believe is that by not saying
    something to the effect of "Intel has implemented a feature which
    reduces the clock speed in the unlikely event of a cooling failure so as
    to preserve the processor. Intel advocates claim this is a great
    advantage. AMD advocates point out that such a failure is highly
    improbable. If this possibility is something that you lose sleep over
    then the Intel would be a better choice, if not then it's pretty much
    irrelevant" you make it appear that all AMD processors are in imminent
    danger of self-destruction.

    It is true that one may die of eating peanuts. However that does not
    mean that one does anybody a service by saying "If you eat peanuts you
    will most likely die".
    Well, "WTF do you think you are kidding? I doubt you even know how cold
    -30C is?(Perhaps you mean lower than 30C? It's really hard to tell what
    you mean.)" and "-30C (22degrees below 0 on the Farenheit scale) is
    common place? Yeah, at the South Pole. You probably mean +30C or less
    than 30C" had something to do with my having that impression.
    Neither Freon nor liquid nitrogen is needed to cool a processor to

    In any case, why limit the discussion to the fan that comes in the
    retail box?
    Not really. The point is that you are continuing to act like that
    particular feature is of some great utility.
    And the machine hangs and the processor stops executing instructions and
    the clock speed effectively goes to zero, so where's the problem? If
    the heat sink comes completely off the processor might heat rapidly
    enough to damage itself, with the heat sink in place that is quite
    unlikely and in many cases there will be sufficient airflow from the
    case fans to avoid even the hang.
    J.Clarke, Nov 3, 2003
  7. Tod

    J.Clarke Guest

    Sorry but the fact that one company matches another company's features
    doesn't mean that there is any need for those features, just that they
    want to shut up brain-dead advocates who make a big deal about them.
    I'm sorry, but I don't think that anything that I have posted here is
    going to "impress" anybody who knows his butt from a hole in the ground.
    Certainly anybody who has been participating in any of the overclocking
    newsgroups for a year or so has heard it all. Since you don't seem to
    be aware of this, well . . .
    J.Clarke, Nov 3, 2003
  8. Tod

    J.Clarke Guest

    Got you repeating yourself. As Hannibal Lecter would say "goody-goody".
    Now where did I put the fava beans?
    J.Clarke, Nov 3, 2003
  9. Tod

    Buffalo Guest

    Please learn how to read and comprehend what is written.
    AMD is also going to use that 'fail-safe' system, so it isn't just Intel bs.
    Go and try to impress someone else with your bias's and info.

    Buffalo, Nov 3, 2003
  10. Tod

    Buffalo Guest

    Please learn how to read and comprehend what is written.
    AMD is also going to use that 'fail-safe' system, so it isn't just Intel bs.
    Go and try to impress someone else with your bias's and info.

    Buffalo, Nov 3, 2003
  11. Tod

    J.Clarke Guest

    The P4 does slow down on its own--download the datasheets from
    ocp4p+prod_datasheet&> and look in section 6.3, which explains how this

    In addition at 135C the P4 stops its clocks completely and shuts
    down--that's a separate function from the TCC.
    J.Clarke, Nov 3, 2003
  12. Tod

    rstlne Guest

    Your both being a bit bitch about it lol..
    I look at these features more as "Motherboard" features than "Chip"
    the p4 doesnt slow down on it's own (I dont belive) it's regulated onboard
    the motherboard and that's what shuts it down (right or wrong?)..
    rstlne, Nov 3, 2003
  13. Tod

    BF Guest

    BF, Nov 6, 2003
  14. Tod

    Richard Guest

    Sorry about the clock. I do not know what happened to it. I corrected it
    when I saw the mistake.

    Richard, Nov 6, 2003
  15. Tod

    Bruin Guest


    Thanks for the post, I don't have to compose one now. I have to put up with
    people saying "Don't get AMD chips, they can burn up!" thanks to Thomas
    Bruin, Nov 8, 2003
  16. Tod

    Bruin Guest

    Cite one, JUST ONE case where a HS fell off & the CPU burned up. I am
    sure that the lugs break during installation, but while in USE?

    I once melted a lug... =) I think I pushed it a hair faster then I
    should have. That was a Cyrix chip BTW, a long time ago.

    To the original poster..... as far as I know, all current motherboards for
    AMDs will not boot
    at all unless there is a heat sink fan (working) plugged into the CPU fan
    header. Plus most have fail-safe shut down settings in the BIOS if the
    temps rise above a certain point.
    Bruin, Nov 8, 2003
  17. Tod

    Bruin Guest

    No, my old VIA 266A board won't start unless there is a "working" fan
    plugged in to the header. It's gotta be spinnin!
    Bruin, Nov 8, 2003
  18. Tod

    Buffalo Guest

    Geez, what a dip you sound like.
    Buffalo, Nov 12, 2003
  19. Tod

    J.Clarke Guest

    If that's all that you have to contribute, then you have nothing to say
    that is worth hearing.
    J.Clarke, Nov 12, 2003
  20. Tod

    Richard Guest


    I have always bought Intel before but now that AMD is at least as
    powerful that Intel but at a better price, I am thinking about getting AMD.
    Now I wonder, is there things that Intel can do that cannot be done with
    AMD? Is there a difference in the quality of Intel and AMD? Does AMD work
    with every computer components such as different makes such as all kinds of
    graphic cards? Does it can run any kind of softwares just as Intel?


    Richard, Nov 30, 2003
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