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AMD Sempron 2800+

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by nuclear.Wasted(), Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Hi all.
    I just picked up a really cheap mobo/cpu (ECS something-or-other mobo
    and an AMD sempron 2800+ cpu)

    it's supposed to run at 2GHz, and when I put the computer all together,
    it runs at ~1500MHz

    I've seen this before with other computers, and usually just go into the
    BIOS and change some CPU frequency settings.

    This bios (award 6.0) has only options I'm not familiar with.
    The one I figured i should play with is called "CPU Clock" and is set to
    200. There is a min of 200 and a max of 255 for this setting. when set
    to 255, the computer doesn't POST, just beeps. ohwell... clear the bios
    try again.

    Other options under the cpu frequency menu are:
    Auto Detect PCI CLK = enabled
    Async SRC/ZCLK/AGP/PCI = 100/133/66/33MHz
    Spread Spectrum = enabled

    anyways, I know I've probably not included enough info, but that's
    becuase I'm not sure what is important to include.
    just ask.

    nuclear.Wasted(), Aug 30, 2005
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  2. now that I've read the box, I feel like a dolt.

    it's a 1600MHz processor and it's running at 1599.*MHz

    sounds right to me, sorry to waste your bandwidth.

    nuclear.Wasted(), Aug 30, 2005
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