AMI bios settings info/advice for P4C800E-D

Discussion in 'Asus' started by BP, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. BP

    BP Guest

    I'm preparing to build a new system using the above MB. I've been reading
    the manual to prepare for the power up and bios customizations. I am
    comfortable working with the bios in my current system. But things have
    changed A LITTLE from the 1997 Award bios v4.51! ;-) .
    I will leave all defaults in the AMI bios except, potentially, the
    following. Any advice or answers provided by those familiar with this bios
    will be greatly appreciated.
    OS will be WinXP-Home.

    I plan to install one hard drive at this time. An ATA100 HDD on the PRI_RAID
    channel (Western Digital 120MB IDE) and 3 ATAPI drives on the primary and
    secondary channels. The OS will be on this PRI_RAID channel. Will the BIOS
    auto detect the drive in the MAIN MENU screen as "Third IDE Master"?

    Do I need all of the RAID controllers and drivers engaged and installed for
    this to work? I suppose this would be a good time to ask if this will even
    work at all as I envision it!?!

    ONBOARD DEVICE CONFIG "Onboard LAN": I don't use a LAN, so I plan to
    disable this component. OK?

    PCI PnP: "Plug and Play OS" default is [No]. I assume this should be set to
    [Yes] for WinXP-Home?

    "Allocate IRQ to PCI VGA" default is [Yes]. I'm using an AGP card. Set this
    to [No]?

    SPEECH CONFIG: "Speech post reporter" default is [Enabled]. This sounds like
    a nice extra feature when setting up the system, but could get annoying
    after everything is running and the machine is always turned off when not in
    use. I plan to disable after some burn-in period. Does this feature provide
    any extra benefit that I would be missing?

    INSTANT MUSIC CONFIG: "Instant music" default is [Disabled]. What do most do
    with this one? I've got a CD-RW and I do play music.

    What is the difference between "Standby" and "Suspend"?

    "Suspend Time Out" default is [Disabled]. Not sure about this setting. I
    assume that the system goes into suspend if there is no activity after xx
    minutes, not in xx minutes regardless. Any advice/warnings on this feature?

    I plan to install "Intel Chipset INF Update Program" , and " USB 2.0
    Because I am not setting up a RAID array at this time, I'm leaving out Intel
    Application Accelerator Driver" , Promise FastTrak 378 Driver" . Advice?

    Because I only want to run 2.1 speakers on the on-board sound I plan not to
    install "AD1985 Audio Driver and Application" , or the "SoundMax 4 XL"
    software. Will this work?

    That's it. Everything else is pretty straight forward. Thanks in advance for
    any help offered.
    BP, Mar 7, 2004
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