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Amptron website

Discussion in 'AMD Thunderbird' started by SPS 700, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. SPS 700

    SPS 700 Guest

    I went to Amptron website today. Lo & behold they were advertising not only
    Amptron(PC Chips} but also ASRock, Albatron & MSI. Do they
    actually own all these brands too? It was all very interesting as I
    had not been there in about a year or so.
    SPS 700, Sep 16, 2003
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  2. SPS 700

    rstlne Guest

    Think of them like Wal-Mart
    They just buy stuff in

    ASRock is Asus.. Asus has like 4 divisions I think.. AsusPower, ASRock
    (economy brand), Asus (normal brand of 2+mil boards/ month).. and now like I
    think they bought out part of Epox? epoc? or whatever..

    Albatron I have never been able to find much info on, and I wouldnt buy
    their kit for that reason

    MSI is a horrible horrible company.. It took me 3 years to get a warranty
    repair, the board comes back so I throw a processor in it and give it a
    whirl and the processor doesnt work, me being a silly bastard I just put
    another processor in the board and it's dead now too.. God bless my asus
    rstlne, Sep 17, 2003
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  3. SPS 700

    lost Guest

    ASRock is Asus.. Asus has like 4 divisions I think.. AsusPower, ASRock
    I think Albatron = PC Chips.
    It is sad that we may think of Asus motherboards as being a quality product, for
    no reason other than almost everything else is worse.
    lost, Sep 18, 2003
  4. SPS 700

    rstlne Guest

    I think Albatron = PC Chips.

    The albatron website never loads for me, and I wasnt able to find much/any
    company info that was in english.
    I dont really feel this way. I think asus boards are quality boards, from
    design to production to what the end user gets and down to the level that
    they will get on items that need to be serviced. Some parts of asus do need
    to be address'd.. but I think that's the same with every large company.. I
    think they ship something like 2.5 million motherboards a month so some
    people are going to get duff kit.

    I think that many boards out there are of good quality (doesnt mean I would
    buy them)...
    The only company I have been sour'd by is MSI.. Refusing to do product
    returns in the UK because they dont have a RMA system in place. Then when
    it is in place they say the product only has a 1 year warranty, then they
    admit that it was a 2 year warranty but they say that they have allways had
    a rma system and allways given the warranty. Then they decide they will
    repair my board for 10£ (15$~).. so I do that and BOOM the board burns out 2
    athlon chips when I get it back.. My complaint to them about that was

    I went through much much much more than this little summary but all in all
    it took them 3 years to give me a board that would destroy 2 processors..
    rstlne, Sep 18, 2003
  5. SPS 700

    Ed Guest

    That just sucks! I feel for ya dude!

    It's like anything, if you get burned bad enough you'll find an
    alternative and probably never buy anything from the companies that
    screwed you. I can think of 3 companies I'll never deal with again, if I
    can help it!

    I recently bought my 6th Asus mobo, they just work great and keep on
    working (for me), 3 non-Asus boards died on me in 9 months to a year
    since I bought my first Asus board 7 years ago.

    I've built 3 systems for friends with MSI boards, they are all over a
    year old now, all still working fine Thank God! ;p

    Ed, Sep 19, 2003
  6. SPS 700

    BoroLad Guest

    BoroLad, Sep 19, 2003
  7. SPS 700

    rstlne Guest

    I get about a 400ms ping.. the site was completly down the other day
    and it had this really really really cheap thing up saying "This site is
    being redesign'd"

    the azza site used to be worse
    http://www.azza.com.tw <-- used to just not load
    http://www.azzaboard.com/ (usa site) <-- check that bad boy out! WOOT
    rstlne, Sep 19, 2003
  8. SPS 700

    BoroLad Guest

    Tiwanese sites are always unavailable outside of working hours, been
    that way for years!

    I get on ok from the UK, BoroLad
    BoroLad, Sep 20, 2003
  9. SPS 700

    Nystagmus Guest

    While most have good experiences with Asus I am one who didn't and will try
    never to use an Asus product again. I have had good luck with many MBs. I
    tend to stick with brand name MBs and have had much better than a 50/50
    chance of getting a good to great board. Do research before choosing and
    you can sometimes get a great MB from a company not known for great MBs for
    example: the ECS K7S5A from a mid tier company (Elite Group) using a mid
    tier chipset (SiS) became one of the most reliable and best selling MB in
    the last few years. I still have 2 working today that was as good as any
    Asus MB in its day and the K7S5A sold for $67 US. Today SiS is no longer
    mid tier because of the reputation of the SiS 735 chipset.

    Today I am using an AOpen AK79G Max and I couldn't have chosen a more
    reliable and fast enough for my needs MB.

    Most all major MB makers produce good to great and some real stinker MBs.
    Asus is popular because they make MBs that are OC'able more than any other
    that I am aware of. Epox makes a good board too. I have used Shuttle with
    great success and FIC also.

    Bottom line: don't get an Asus MB just because it's an Asus. Do some
    research and get a board that fits your needs and is reviewed well and has
    been out for little awhile so you can read the newsgroups and get the feel
    of how others are doing with the MB.

    Nystagmus, Sep 20, 2003
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