an7 failing to post after long vacation

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Andy Dremeaux, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. ive been out of the country for 5 months. upon returning i suddenly
    have windows registry corruption and have gained, when trying to fix
    that, a computer that wont post.

    i was getting post-code 4E [1] for a while. i fiddled with the CPUs
    heatsink as i was going to try either a different cpu or rather to
    just reseat the cpu, but i failed to get it off like usual, and ended
    up just trying to post again and it worked. i was freezing in the
    recovery console, and it still wouldnt post every time, only about 1
    in 3. i attempted again to get the heatsink off, failed again, booted
    again and now im posting and i even made it through the recovery
    console. just about to try starting up windows finally and suddenly im
    getting post-code 26 [2]... not even getting as far as before. is this
    a power supply/motherboard/CPU problem? anyone have any hints for
    getting the damn heatsink off??? i press the screwdriver into the slot
    and push forward or back or any which way and the thing wont budge; i
    feel like if i push any harder i will break something.

    system config if it really matters:
    athlon xp3000+
    abit AN7
    nothing else really matters i dont think. this thing has been stable
    as a rock for years (well, upgraded CPU and mobo in april but all
    other compononets havent changed. those worked through june).


    [1] 4E: 1. Program MTRR of M1 CPU
    2. Initalize L2 cache for p6 class cpu & program cpu with proper
    cachable range
    3. initialize is the APIC for p6 class cpu
    4. on mp platform (not the case), adjust the cacheable range to
    smaller one in case the cacheable ranges between each cpu are not

    [2] 26: 1. if early_init_onboard_generator is not defined onboard
    clock generator initilaization. diable respective clock resrouce to
    empty pci and dimm slots
    2. init onboard PWM
    3. init onboard H/W monitor devices
    Andy Dremeaux, Nov 16, 2004
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