AnandTech Entry Level Guide - A7N8X-X

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Joe Jones, May 10, 2004.

  1. Joe Jones

    Joe Jones Guest

    I've built 2 systems using the mobo and video cards recommended in this

    I can't get the 2 A7N8X-X motherboards (1009 bios) to boot with the
    recommended video cards (Radeon 9200SE and 9200). The motherboards will
    not post with either video card installed.

    Both video cards work fine in other systems.

    Both motherboards work fine using an old 16MB PCI video card.

    Do I need to change a BIOS setting? I tried disabling the AGP 8X
    setting. No luck.

    If you are using this combination, please let me know how you are
    getting it to work!
    Joe Jones, May 10, 2004
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  2. Joe Jones

    Paul Guest

    Do the fans spin when you push the power button on the
    front of the computer ? If not, it is possible the
    TYPEDET# pin isn't getting close enough to ground, to
    prevent the burnout prevention circuit from disabling
    powerup of the board.

    If the fans won't spin, return the video card and try
    another brand.

    Looking at the picture above, the issue might be with the
    TYPEDET# pin. It is pin A2 (near the right hand end of the edge
    connector). Notice how there is a resistor R81 connected to A2.
    My theory is, if you buy a card that doesn't put a resistor in
    this path, the computer will power up when you push the button.
    (And, this theory only applies if the fans refuse to spin. If
    the fans are spinning, something else is wrong, like a video
    BIOS problem or something.)

    In the standards, there are only two valid conditions for TYPEDET.
    Either it is to be open circuit (old cards) or grounded (any
    modern 4X/8X card). Using a resistor is not a valid condition.

    Paul, May 10, 2004
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