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Ancient History?? Looking for best 2xAGP vidcard for an old K6/MVP3 system (WTB possible)

Discussion in 'ATI' started by R. Asby Dragon, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. Yup; I know "why bother"; but ....

    (email reply is "ub*underscore*never" with the squirrely thingy
    between"yahoo dot com", no quotes or stars)

    It's still my prime machine; the o/c'ed "gamerbox" Barton K7N2L
    with the 9700Pro and the goodies is great-- but I still go back to
    this one for most real work .

    Specs on this box:
    Epox MVP3G2C w/1mb L2 (L3 with the K6/III +);
    2X AGP at 3.3 volts.
    512 mb PC100 SDRAM
    K6/III-450+ at 5x112 at 1.8vcc
    W98SE; current VIA 4in1 pack etc.

    It's rock-solid with this minor overclock (remember it's a {+}
    laptop K6 !), the limit is the 2940 SCSI card. The Epox has the
    "good AGP power",

    Present vidcard is an ATI RagePro 128 w/16 megs. I'd like to bump it
    up to 'best bang for buck" . I'd like to go with at least 64 megs
    for some gaming; but I know I'm not going to do HL2 on this beast
    <g> .

    I've had a 32m TNT2 Ultra in this machine once; looked great but
    the hasslefactor of getting a TNT2 to work on a VIA MVP board is not
    nice, and it gets worse when you try to update drivers. When it
    worked; it would run Serious Sam but not at max!

    I've been away from the "vidcard wars" for a while; missed a lot of
    the info .

    I've been googling both the web and newsgroups; looks like it's
    possible to go up to a decent low(now) end card in either ATI or
    NVidia flavors. I just have to make sure the card's 2X/3.3 volt.

    ATI--looks like I can go up to a 2x/4x rated version of the 9200 or
    lower version.
    Nvidia -- Same ; possibly up to a TI 4600 or lower.

    Anybody have any "good history" on similar vidcards on an MVP3 mobo

    I'm also interested in buying; if you've got one sitting around..
    R. Asby Dragon, Feb 8, 2004
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  2. R. Asby Dragon

    chris Guest

    A gf2 ultra sound like your cuppa tea, or a gf4mx440

    look on ebay

    chris, Feb 8, 2004
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  3. R. Asby Dragon

    Darthy Guest

    Why bother...?
    Darthy, Feb 9, 2004
  4. R. Asby Dragon

    Asestar Guest

    Apart from "why bother?", I'd suggest either Radeon7500 OR Gf2pro/ultra.
    Both with 64megs. Go with the cheapest you find of them.

    Don't think about ti4200. With this cpu, you won't use the power of gf4,
    heck you'd be lucky to even fully use power of gf2 ultra or r7500.
    Asestar, Feb 9, 2004
  5. R. Asby Dragon

    B. Guest

    I chucked a old Gforce 2 MX400 in a mates PII 350 and it runs quake 3 not
    too badly at all. I dunno if going to an ultra gf2 is going to help you any
    with such a low processor.

    For him , it was worth bothering about. The card was collecting dust in my
    box of bits , and now he has some 3d acceleration to play a fair few games
    that are old and cheap to buy.

    B., Feb 9, 2004
  6. R. Asby Dragon

    Tod Guest

    ATI 9100, it is a little bit faster then a 9200
    starts at $53 on www.pricewatch.com
    Remember you need to reload the VIA drivers after every hardware change.
    Tod, Feb 10, 2004
  7. R. Asby Dragon

    Tod Guest

    For a cheap performance upgrade.
    Get a used Abit KT7, you can use your current PC100 memory
    and a CPU up to 1.4ghz
    Tod, Feb 10, 2004
  8. I'm not adverse to replying to my own posts; here's one.

    I've read all the relevant replies on Usenet; did a bunch more
    googling ; got some personal replies, also went on "local scrounge"

    After wading thru the ATI vs NVIDIA rants; the "why bother"
    mendicants; and the "real honest" replies (and I appreciate those) ;
    I went Ebaying and found some deals.

    1) Radeon 7500 64meg DDR for $33; on the way now
    2) Radeon 9000 128meg DDR for $43 - pending

    Personal offers-- lots of GF3 440MX's-- even one supposedly 128
    megs; an 8500 AIW with tuner probs for free; even a dual Gproc
    Voodo 5 .

    I even found a Radeon 7000 64meg SDR AGP in my 'pile o'crap' that
    I'd forgotten ...

    It all boils down to "making the best of what you have"; I'm not
    just doing my own machines-- I'm doing "Free IT" for friends and
    family spreading from 486s to high-end boxes . I'm juggling parts
    all the time; "A" wants a new vidcard as in ATI 9800 range; I'll
    find "A" a deal; move his old vidcard to someone else "B" -- I think
    you understand.

    In my case with the K6/III-(+) ; it's like "old hot rods" ; I did
    that. I've done the old '59a' Flathead Ford V8; early small-block
    Chevys; 63 1/2 Ford Galaxy H/T with a "medium riser" 427 ; et al.
    I'll keep it running as long as "it does what I want it to do"
    R. Asby Dragon, Feb 10, 2004
  9. R. Asby Dragon

    rna Guest

    I'd look for the last generation of 3dfx cards, like a 5500...especially if
    you do any OpenGL stuff. Just make sure it will fit in your case :)
    rna, Feb 10, 2004
  10. R. Asby Dragon

    Asestar Guest

    Yeah, but those cards have driver issues, not to mension lack of support. I
    visited 3dfx.products.voodoo5, a couple of days ago, and what a sad sight.
    Nothing but spam and a few lonely posts. That board used to be full of
    usefull posts a few years ago.

    So my point is: Get a card that has good support/drivers. I think for
    450+cpu, a radeon7000 or GF2 class (not mx)card is more than enough. Even if
    cpu is oc'ed, it should hold up.
    Asestar, Feb 10, 2004
  11. R. Asby Dragon

    East-of-lake Guest

    So anyone want to suggest what CHEAP video card I should put in my system?

    Asus P5A-B MB (I believe that means AGP 1X only)
    K6-2 500 MHz
    640 MB RAM

    Plus the usual sound, HD, CD/RW, etc

    PS it's now running a PCI Genoa Phantom (I know, I know but it was free)
    East-of-lake, Feb 10, 2004
  12. R. Asby Dragon

    Asestar Guest

    Cheap should be pretty obvious by now. Gf2, mx440 or Radeon7or8 series, used
    ofcourse. Altough they're a bit fast for ya cpu, but in anyway should be
    MOST sufficient.
    Asestar, Feb 10, 2004
  13. R. Asby Dragon

    Darthy Guest

    Save money to replace whole system would be best.

    Nothing is going to make it "perform".
    Darthy, Feb 11, 2004
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